Sunday, December 30, 2012

Thanks for a Happy Sissy 2012!

Just a quick note to end the year 2102 from me, Jackie the Happy Sissy.

First of all, thanks so much to everybody that read my blog this year! When I first started this blog I didn't know what to expect from it or for it. From it, I got a lot of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. It has been a great aid in getting my thoughts and ideas about sissy life and feminine superiority organized and expressed.

For it, the first few months went with zero or single-digit page views. This didn't bother me because I was doing it more for myself than anything. But then people started finding it, some other blogs linked to it, and suddenly I was getting hundreds and then over a thousand visitors a month. Then I advertised my blog in a post at the Club Sissy discussion board and started talking about it in chat rooms and soon I was getting thousands of views. Now, it is over ten thousand visitors a month and still rising!

My aim has always been to help sissies and especially women who find themselves in relationships with sissies to be happy and enjoy their life. I also want to spread awareness of the feminine-led lifestyle as much as possible. In that area, I have been thrilled to see visitors from places like the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. Even such male-dominated places such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and even Iran! Hopefully in some small way I have raised awareness among women that there is another way.

But most of all, I appreciate the comments, emails and chats I have had with sissies, women, and even men because of this blog. Thanks so much for the comments, compliments and even the constructive criticism.

I hope I can maintain your interest in the upcoming year and I will do my best to keep posting interesting and relevant essays and articles for sissies and women who find themselves, or want to find themselves, in relationships with sissies.

So, thanks again to everybody for reading in 2012! I hope your year was great and that 2013 will be even better! Let me know of any subjects you are interested in and would like me to address. Say hello anytime you want to in Club Sissy chat room, email, or Yahoo Messenger (both are

Have a happy and totally sissy 2013! Love to you all...

Jackie (the Happy Sissy!)