Sunday, November 2, 2014

Miss Barbara Sets The Record Straight - Miss Barbara On The Future of Sexual Politics

This little entry is based on small talk between Miss Barbara and me over dinner a short time ago. Just a normal American couple having dinner at a mid-scale local restaurant, except for our conversation. Miss Barbara expounded at length on her ideas about sexual politics in human society. I put my interpretation of her ideas together in writing just for fun. She read my summation and liked it even though she warned that alcohol might have contributed to some of the more extreme ideas. And the truth is, as much as I love her thinking, I can see a few problems. But either way, she allowed me to publish it so here it is...

First, at least half of all males, maybe up to seventy-five percent or so, will have no expectation of having sex. By "sex" I mean ejaculating into a woman's vagina especially when there is a possibility of pregnancy. It is easiest if these males just understand and accept that their penis will never enter a vagina. Most or all of these men will be feminized before the opportunity even arises so it will be quite natural for them to have no expectation of sex.

Feminization will start early in many cases. There are a lot of boys for which it is obvious they should not be allowed to reproduce. When feminization begins will be determined by women along the way during a boy's life. And of course, gender-based violence against women will be eradicated. Any aggressiveness in this area will mean the immediate loss of masculine privileges and intense, possibly chemical, feminization. This filtering of males can be calibrated such that by adulthood half or more of males will have been feminized beyond any expectation that they might have sex with women.

Marriage will change and indeed end as we know it. For now I'll still call it marriage. Sissies will be the most sought-after marriage partners. They will be loyal to their Mistress and bring value to the union in the form of earning potential, home making skills, engaging personalities, etc. Most sissies will be married and women without good sissies will always be on the lookout for one. The remaining un-feminized males, real men, will be encouraged not to marry, they will be encouraged to breed, and rewarded for doing so. When their reproduction rate diminishes below a certain level, they will then be feminized and join their peers.

Some social structures will have to be developed to bring the men together with women for reproduction as well as recreational sex. Babies will be cared for by sissies, drugs will be developed that will allow them to lactate and breast feed. Women will carry on their professional and personal lives as unimpeded as possible by the burdens of child bearing and caring.

So there it is, my quick summation of Miss Barbara's vision of the future of Female/male relations. Utopian maybe, but having a vision in mind gives you something to work toward. I hope you enjoyed this window into how Miss Barbara and I plot the overthrow of the masculine power structure over drinks and a nice meal. Thanks for reading and stay Happy Sissies!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Miss Barbara Sets The Record Straight - Second, Miss Barbara Considered Divorcing Her Sissy Hubby

After a recent review of my blog and online activities, Miss Barbara has decided that some changes are in order. I took a break from writing (well, blog writing anyway) as we discussed ideas and possibilities. I touched on some of this in my last entry and now I want to continue the "Miss Barbara Sets the Record Straight" series with a shocking bit of news of which I only recently became aware. Namely, Miss Barbara seriously considered divorcing Jackie at two points during Jackie's sissification.

Miss Barbara was much more upset than I realized over the emasculating things she found out about her "husband" after stumbling across "his" batch of hidden panties and things. She wasn't sure if I had a lover, or if I was gay, or whatever. But one thing she did know, the "man" she married had secrets. As she handled the situation, talking to her mother and confronting me, she found that I did not have a lover, that I was not gay, but that I did have secrets. Secrets that, once revealed, shed light on nagging questions she had about me and our marriage. Questions like: Why does he like to be alone so much? Why is his sex drive so low? Why is his performance so poor when we do have sex? The answers became clear when she found out that I expended most of my sexual energy by masturbating in panties.

That was the first time Miss Barbara almost left. She felt betrayed, hurt, confused and rejected. And on top of it all, she was sexually frustrated and unsatisfied. Luckily for us, for me, her mother calmed her down and helped her regain a feeling of control and purpose, beginning with the idea of putting me in panties to see what would happen. As I mentioned last time, this exposed a serious masturbation habit which ultimately led to my systematic feminization.

But it was this feminization project that led Miss Barbara to consider divorce a second time. She loves men, thought she had married a man, but her "man" was happily shedding his masculinity and becoming a sissy. In addition, it was soon decided that sex with women would be off-limits for me, a condition which I actually accepted, but which Miss Barbara feared would mean permanent sexual frustration. It was almost too much for her and she told her mother that she was again thinking about leaving me. And again, Miss Carolyn saved the day and the marriage.

She pointed out advantages to having a sissy hubby that Miss Barb had overlooked. For instance, Miss Barbara (and Miss Carolyn too, for that matter) hate doing housework, so I could be trained as a maid. As for sexual satisfaction, she reminded Miss Barbara that, when given the choice, I picked sissyhood over manhood, even knowing that Miss Barb did not have sex with sissies. At that point I had abdicated my responsibility as a husband, giving Miss Barbara complete freedom in her sexual pursuits. She took her mother's advice and continued with the project.

Miss Barbara quickly came into her own after that. She grew in confidence and competence as she exercised her will and reshaped our lives in the image she chose.  Recently Miss Barbara told me that staying with me was the best decision she ever made, which made me so happy!

So, dear sissy friends, thanks for reading once again, I will try to not wait so long next time! Until then, be happy sissies and say "Hi!" if you get a chance.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Miss Barbara Sets The Record Straight - First, Jackie Was Not Always A Sissy

Miss Barbara has spent some time lately looking over my blog and other online activities. She has some ideas about direction and content that should soon become apparent. In the meantime however, she wants me to stress a few points where she feels like focus might have slipped a little.

First, Miss Barbara wants me to clarify that her sissy Jackie (me!) was not always a sissy. Unlike many that are sissies from birth, Jackie began her journey to sissyhood as a chronic masturbator that wore articles of women's clothing, meaning panties, for sexual excitement. Jackie is a sissy only because Miss Barbara decided that is what she should be and took steps to bring it about.

Admittedly, Miss Barbara's and my recall varies, so hers is correct. One thing is for sure, my identity as a man began to falter the day she confronted me with her discovery of my collection of panties. She had found them a few days earlier when we were packing for a hurricane evacuation. What I didn't know until later was that she had talked it over with her mother in the meantime. They decided that I was probably a secret crossdresser. It turned out that Miss Carolyn had some insight because, as she informed Miss Barb for the first time, her late husband, Miss Barb's father, was a crossdresser. They decided that they would start small and see what happened.

Soon after that I was wearing panties most of the time. My feeling was that I took to wearing panties so easily because I was a sissy at heart. Miss Barbara says no, it was because I got sexually excited by wearing panties which fueled my masturbation. Judging by the number of times she subsequently caught me jacking off in panties, she is no doubt correct.

Upon further discussions with her mother about my behavior, they decided I was probably not a crossdresser after all, just a chronic masturbator wearing panties for excitement. This insight also explained other shortcomings, mainly in the area of physical affection, that Miss Barbara had noted. Together they decided that my lack of control and neglect of husbandly duties was unacceptable and Miss Barbara should take control of the situation. If she failed, so would our marriage. It was during these talks that Miss Barbara and Miss Carolyn determined my future as a sissy.

Their plan had two aspects: One was to continue and increase the pace of feminization and see if I would go along with it, knowing that if I did so it would probably be for the sexual thrill. And two, if I did go along with the feminization, they would seek to break the association between dressing up and sexual excitement and masturbation.

Needless to say, I did go along with it, and it probably was in large part for the sexual thrill, although it is my feeling that I was already a sissy by that point. Soon I was sleeping in nighties, had no male undies at all, and Jackie the sissy maid had begun her duties. And then, using various techniques, some of which I describe in other blog entries, Miss Barbara did indeed weaken and break the link between dressing up and sexual activity. From that point on, I was not dressing for masturbatory reasons, I was truly and irreversibly a feminized sissy.

Well, that's it for now Happy Sissies, I hope you enjoyed the clarification of my sissy history. Thanks for reading and contact me and say "Hi" if you get a chance. See you next time and stay Happy, Sissies!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Jackie Goodsissy Comes to Twitter!

Hello all my sissy friends!

I just wanted to make a quick post to say that I have jumped into the 21st Century by getting into Twitter! I do hope any of my sissy friends or whoever else that uses Twitter will follow me so I can follow them back. I hope to meet and keep in touch with as many Tweeting sissies as possible!

My name in Twitter is Jackie Goodsissy (big surprise!) and my handle thingy is @JGoodsissy

Is it just me or does "Tweeting" sound like something a sissy would do?

Thanks for reading, Happy Sissies!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Questions Sissies Ask - Why Can't I Feel Pretty?

Sissy Hubby Wants to Look Pretty
Sissy Hubby Wants to Look Pretty
I forgot when this came up with an online sissy friend, probably a year or so ago. This sissy felt like (s)he looked too masculine and was afraid that dressing up just made her look silly. As usual, I paraphrase our talk as a "Dear Abby"-type exchange.

Dear Happy Sissy,

I love dressing up, I love being a sissy! Ever since I was a teen I have loved the act of sliding into sexy panties, the feel of a luxurious nightgown, the silky sensation of a slip, anything feminine or girly has always been a weakness of mine. This continued into adulthood and I have quite a collection, mostly lingerie. I can't dress freely but I do get plenty of chances while traveling or when wife is out.

The trouble is that I don't look like a sissy. My frame is masculine, I've been referred to as a "fireplug." I also have a lot of hair, body and otherwise, that is jet black. Sometimes I will be enjoying myself lounging in a pretty nightie and then spot myself in a mirror and the sissy mood evaporates. I see a hairy guy in a girly gown and I am afraid that I just look ridiculous.

I know my problem is small-time compared to some other sissies but it still sometimes bothers me. My wife has said that I am too manly looking and should give up my girly habits entirely, and at times I can't help but feel she might be right. I wish I naturally had a more feminine look but I don't. I love the sissy feelings when I dress up but then I sometimes feel silly, and I hate that. What should I do? Am I too masculine to be a sissy? I love so much feeling like a sissy, but why can't I feel pretty?

A Sissy in a Man's Body


Dear A Sissy in a Man's Body,

I am so glad you wrote to me with your question. I have one primary message for you and it is this: Every sissy that I know, myself included, feels exactly the same way at times, if not all the time! We as sissies adore women, worship femininity, and want to emulate feminine ideals as much as possible. Unfortunately, there is a sometimes-rude reality that all sissies confront: We are still men! Or at least, we are still male, if you know what I mean.

One trait common to all sissies is that we want to feel feminine, we want to feel pretty. Another is that we all feel like we fall short of the feminine ideal, and the truth is, we do fall short. Of course we do, we are not women. But another truth is, women feel the same way! They have a feminine ideal in their mind too, and they also feel that they fall short, and the truth is, they fall short too. The reason is, sissy or woman, it is impossible to live up to an ideal.

It is fine to have an ideal in mind, it is fine to try to live up to that ideal. Just know that you will never be able to. An ideal will always be out of reach by its very nature. My advice to you, dear sissy, is the same as it would be to anybody, women included: Acknowledge that you have this ideal in mind, that it will always be unreachable, and that it is still fun to try!

So don't worry about being too masculine to be a sissy, you are a sissy whether you like it or not. Luckily you do like it! So dress up in the prettiest, frilliest, sissiest things you can find. Strut around like a beauty queen and luxuriate in the feminine mystique. If you need to feel more feminine, do something new. Go shopping and buy a dress, shave your legs, anything new and feminine. And if you must, don't look in the mirror.

Jackie (The Happy Sissy!)

P.S. - I mentioned not looking in the mirror but really I think you ought to look in the mirror. Even if you don't see the woman you would like to see, you still yourself as a sissy, and it never hurts to be reminded.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Questions Sissies Ask - Are Sissies Born Or Are Sissies Made?

A Sissy is Born, or Made?
This one goes back to a conversation I had around the middle of last year with a sissy friend. We touched on the interesting question of when a male actually becomes a sissy. Once again, I have paraphrased our talk as a "Dear Abby" letter and response.

Dear Happy Sissy,

I don't feel like I had a chance at being a man. Even my earliest memories involve wearing my sister's clothes and playing with her dolls. Luckily I had parents, or at least a mother, that was not very bothered. However as I got older I got the impression that it was shameful and I suppressed it. I'm sure it is was assumed that I grew out of it. Well I had not and I never did, even though I tried.

Throughout my teen and young adult years I was outwardly much like any other young man. But whenever I got the chance I would dress up in whatever I could find, borrow (by which I mean steal), or on occasion buy. Ultimately I got married and of course my wife caught me. I threw away all my stuff (again) and promised not to dress up anymore. She caught me again within a year. Now I am a closet sissy even though I tried to steer straight and be a man. I just love dressing up so much and it feels so right but I live in fear of the inevitable next time I get caught.

I can accept my life as a sissy and know that I should tell my wife before she catches me again. But sometimes I wonder, when did I become a sissy? It seems like I have always been a sissy, that I was born this way. Maybe that is why I can't help it. Is that how it was for you? Are sissies born, or made?

Sometimes Happy Sissy Teri


Dear Sometimes Happy Sissy Teri,

I talk to a lot of sissies and I have heard stories like yours soooo many times, and I never get tired of them! So many sissies have told me similar stories that I think that some males are indeed born sissies. Then again, that is not how it was for me, and I have heard many stories more similar to mine as well.

In my case, I was a man addicted to masturbation that started wearing panties for excitement. Wearing panties became the most exciting way to masturbate and so I expanded on it. But when my wife found my panties and things I still considered myself just a man that wore panties for fun. Miss Barbara steered me toward sissiness until I realized that I am not just a man that likes to wear panties, I really am a sissy!

My point is that it doesn't matter terribly much when a man realizes that he is not a man anymore, or never was, and that he is a sissy. The important thing is that, once he even suspects he is a sissy, she almost certainly is. She should embrace herself as a sissy and find as many ways to express it as possible. And then keep finding ways and having sissy adventures until she doesn't even remember what it is like to be a man anymore.

In your case Teri, you are going to have to tell your wife, and soon. If she catches you again she will be more upset that you are a chronic liar than that you are a sissy, and your marriage could be over. I know and hate to mention that it could be over anyway, but my guess is that she already knows you are a sissy, this just confirms it, and you can get on with the next phase of your marriage.

Good luck sissy Teri! I think things will work out so you can sign "Always Happy Sissy Teri."


Jackie (The Happy Sissy!)