Thursday, September 25, 2014

Miss Barbara Sets The Record Straight - Second, Miss Barbara Considered Divorcing Her Sissy Hubby

After a recent review of my blog and online activities, Miss Barbara has decided that some changes are in order. I took a break from writing (well, blog writing anyway) as we discussed ideas and possibilities. I touched on some of this in my last entry and now I want to continue the "Miss Barbara Sets the Record Straight" series with a shocking bit of news of which I only recently became aware. Namely, Miss Barbara seriously considered divorcing Jackie at two points during Jackie's sissification.

Miss Barbara was much more upset than I realized over the emasculating things she found out about her "husband" after stumbling across "his" batch of hidden panties and things. She wasn't sure if I had a lover, or if I was gay, or whatever. But one thing she did know, the "man" she married had secrets. As she handled the situation, talking to her mother and confronting me, she found that I did not have a lover, that I was not gay, but that I did have secrets. Secrets that, once revealed, shed light on nagging questions she had about me and our marriage. Questions like: Why does he like to be alone so much? Why is his sex drive so low? Why is his performance so poor when we do have sex? The answers became clear when she found out that I expended most of my sexual energy by masturbating in panties.

That was the first time Miss Barbara almost left. She felt betrayed, hurt, confused and rejected. And on top of it all, she was sexually frustrated and unsatisfied. Luckily for us, for me, her mother calmed her down and helped her regain a feeling of control and purpose, beginning with the idea of putting me in panties to see what would happen. As I mentioned last time, this exposed a serious masturbation habit which ultimately led to my systematic feminization.

But it was this feminization project that led Miss Barbara to consider divorce a second time. She loves men, thought she had married a man, but her "man" was happily shedding his masculinity and becoming a sissy. In addition, it was soon decided that sex with women would be off-limits for me, a condition which I actually accepted, but which Miss Barbara feared would mean permanent sexual frustration. It was almost too much for her and she told her mother that she was again thinking about leaving me. And again, Miss Carolyn saved the day and the marriage.

She pointed out advantages to having a sissy hubby that Miss Barb had overlooked. For instance, Miss Barbara (and Miss Carolyn too, for that matter) hate doing housework, so I could be trained as a maid. As for sexual satisfaction, she reminded Miss Barbara that, when given the choice, I picked sissyhood over manhood, even knowing that Miss Barb did not have sex with sissies. At that point I had abdicated my responsibility as a husband, giving Miss Barbara complete freedom in her sexual pursuits. She took her mother's advice and continued with the project.

Miss Barbara quickly came into her own after that. She grew in confidence and competence as she exercised her will and reshaped our lives in the image she chose.  Recently Miss Barbara told me that staying with me was the best decision she ever made, which made me so happy!

So, dear sissy friends, thanks for reading once again, I will try to not wait so long next time! Until then, be happy sissies and say "Hi!" if you get a chance.


  1. So, what happened? Is your wife accepting of your arrangement now? How have things progressed and what is her viewpoint now?

  2. Hi sissy chuck, thanks for reading. Oh yes, she is more than accepting, she is the one that does the arranging. It is just that lately I have learned more of what was going on in the background as I was becoming a sissy. Hopefully sharing it will help any sissies or women that happen upon my blog and are in a similar situation.

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