Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sissy Panties and Women's One-piece Swimsuit for Sissy Jackie

I was just on and I noticed an awesome review of my favorite panties. Check it out...

Lace Nouveau Panties - Nylonpanties4me review

Now that is a sissy panties review! It tells how his wife dared him to wear panties and now he's hooked. And goes on to give the pluses from a sissy point of view, including how his wife likes to see him in panties! Very nice and leaves no doubt about his being a sissy. I am just happy Kohl's published it!

Plus, I had a coupon for Kohl's and I ordered this...

Speedo One-piece swimsuit

I live close to the beach and love to ride my bike. I am hoping this one-piece women's swimsuit fits well and I can wear it under the drabby shorts and shirts I wear for riding. That way, when I end up on the beach, especially at the sparsely populated beaches on the north end, I can ditch my shirt and maybe shorts too and walk or lounge on the beach in my one-piece swimsuit. I figure if I am laying in the sun on a towel, especially if I am on my tummy, I might not even be noticed as a male in a women's swimsuit.

Do any other sissies have experience with women's one-piece suits? I can't wait to try it out, I'll let you sissies know how it works out.

Until then, stay happy sissies!