Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sissy Panties and Women's One-piece Swimsuit for Sissy Jackie

I was just on and I noticed an awesome review of my favorite panties. Check it out...

Lace Nouveau Panties - Nylonpanties4me review

Now that is a sissy panties review! It tells how his wife dared him to wear panties and now he's hooked. And goes on to give the pluses from a sissy point of view, including how his wife likes to see him in panties! Very nice and leaves no doubt about his being a sissy. I am just happy Kohl's published it!

Plus, I had a coupon for Kohl's and I ordered this...

Speedo One-piece swimsuit

I live close to the beach and love to ride my bike. I am hoping this one-piece women's swimsuit fits well and I can wear it under the drabby shorts and shirts I wear for riding. That way, when I end up on the beach, especially at the sparsely populated beaches on the north end, I can ditch my shirt and maybe shorts too and walk or lounge on the beach in my one-piece swimsuit. I figure if I am laying in the sun on a towel, especially if I am on my tummy, I might not even be noticed as a male in a women's swimsuit.

Do any other sissies have experience with women's one-piece suits? I can't wait to try it out, I'll let you sissies know how it works out.

Until then, stay happy sissies!


  1. I love that review. Hot! Of course, if you read my new blog at you'll understand why.



  2. luv them both...the panties are sooo feminine...and something about one peice bathing suits....they can be so classy and sexy...

  3. Jackie- I love the review... Ooh, is it Leannes'!?!? :D
    VF panties are soooo sexy feeling, I love them! Sometimes, I want little VS dainties, but other other times, nothing beats VF (Bali can come close, but...)

    Yes, I have a gold-lame one piece! It's from American Apparel. Lovely, and very hawt looking!! I think you should ride up w/it under shorts and a long t-shirt on bike. I DON'T think you'll be able to hide it by being on your tummy!! But, I'd suggest with a long an thick t-shirt, you might be able to walk up to a beach bar -- just shirt and one-piece under it!!!! (where generally are ya, hon?)

  4. (ah, am seeing location in your profile....What fun!!)