Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Muslim Mistress in the Making?

I have been chatting as "Jackie Goodsissy" or "JackieSissy" on the Internet for years. Over those years I have become friendly with women from all over the world. The relationships I am most proud of are those with women from strict, male-dominated cultures like the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Africa. The reason is simple: I feel that it is especially important for women in those societies to see an alternative to the curse of male domination.

Now I have exciting news. One of my oldest and dearest chat friends is a woman named Putri ("Miss Putri" to me of course) from Indonesia. We have chatted regularly since she was a teenager. Well, now she is in her twenties and recently told me that she is getting married! This is exciting but what is really thrilling is what else she told me. She said she wants her marriage to be like mine and Miss Barbara's. When I asked her what she meant, she told me she wanted to be the "boss" in her home and wished for her husband to be a sissy ("like you")!

My jaw almost hit the keyboard tray. For one thing, in our early chats Miss Putri said in no uncertain terms that she thought I might be literally crazy. She could not conceive why a man would dress "womanly" and consider his wife to be his superior. The closest thing to a sissy she knew of were the "lady boys", male prostitutes that impersonate women. I was able to show her profiles (this was on the old Friendster social network) of my sissy friends, even some in Indonesia, and show that there are sissies everywhere.

Over the years I chatted about women being superior to men and how the world would be a better place if women were in charge. I was always a polite and respectful example of a good sissy husband. At first she told me how cruel Miss Barbara was to not allow me to be a man. I explained that Miss Barb was actually compassionate and understanding and guided me out of my failed attempt at manhood.

To make a long story short(ish), Miss Putri has a strong independent streak and says that "hubby" (as we call him) is not exactly aggressive. She is sure she can exercise influence over him and now we talk about ways to influence him in a feminine direction. This is going to be fun!

Miss Putri gave me permission to tell her story and she says she will be happy to chat with my sissy friends. So sissy friends, if it works out that we are on Yahoo Messenger at the same time, I will be happy to introduce you to her. But, and this is important, you must be respectful. No "sex talk"! She is very sweet and reserved and this is definitely not a cyber-sex thing.

So, add me ( to your YM and we can chat. And if it works out, I might introduce you to my friend and a potential Muslim Mistress in the making!


  1. This IS exciting, Jacki! Oh my ...

  2. My wife is not to accept very well I confess being sissy. She accepts I clean house but does not accept I wear skirts and dresses.
    I am very confused. I am not gay and I'm not a man. I love women, I love my wife but I can't be male.

    1. It is okay Claudia, just be yourself! I am sure your wife will grow more accepting of your sissy self, especially if you keep the house clean. I bet she will be happy for you clean house, even if you wear a dress while you do it. I hope we get a chance to chat sometimes.