Monday, September 17, 2012

Miss Barbara Reminds Jackie of Her Place as a Sissy

Well... I'm ready. One last look in the mirror and I see... well, a sissy, what else? One more reminder of the purpose behind this whole exercise. There is nothing in the mirror that would allow me to think I was looking at the reflection of a man. It is not the reflection of a woman, that is certainly true, but no real man would allow himself to look like the person in the mirror. That person is shaved hairless from face-to-toe, powdered, and dressed in a short, pink baby-doll nightie with ruffly panties peeking out below the hem. Adding to the effect, but not visible in the mirror of course, is the four-inch penis-shaped plug that is inserted... well, lets just say inserted. A wistful sigh, one last mental reminder that I really do need this, and I go downstairs to the living room where Miss Barbara awaits.
"Ah, there's my little sissy! Aren't you just adorable?" Miss Barbara greets me cheerfully.

"Thank you Miss Barbara," I respond, giving a little curtsy, just as she expects.

"Oh you are so welcome Jackie. Give us a little spin." I dutifully spin around, once, twice, the hem of the baby-doll nightie floats up and exposes my frilly ruffle panties. She nods approvingly, "Oh yes, that is just perfect. And your pacifier is in place, correct?"

"Of course, Miss Barbara."

"Then we're all ready aren't we?"

"Yes ma'am," I respond.

"Well then," she unbuttons her blouse and is soon topless. She pats her lap, "Let's get this over with, shall we?" I move toward the couch.
I'm laying on the couch, the back of my neck in the crook of her right arm. She is holding me to her breasts and I suckle at her nipples as she talks to me.

"I know you were looking at those women. What were you thinking about?" Her left hand caresses me through my panties as she talks.

"I was wishing I could be like them." I knew what she was asking about, there was no reason to deny it. It was a Victoria's Secret commercial. She didn't change the channel when it came on. I tried to remain impassive while it played and thought I succeeded.

"Aww, that's nice. Of course you were, but are you sure that was all?" I had tried not to think anything while the commercial played, but the women were so beautiful in their pretty bras and panties.

"Yes ma'am, I'm sure. I only wanted to be like they are."

"Well, it's nice to dream but I know that you know that you can never really be like them. You just had a look that made me think you were thinking about... something more." She deftly extracts me from the panties as she holds my mouth to her nipples. "But of course that would be silly, right Jackie?" She strokes me even though I don't have a full erection, the "pacifier" makes sure of that.

"Yes Miss Barbara, that would be silly."

"And why is that, Jackie? Why would that be silly?" Her hand is still playing with me and it feels so good. I don't want her to stop and I don't want to stop suckling to answer, but I do.

"Because women like that have no use for a little sissy like me."

"That's right, Jackie, women like that need a real man, not a little sissy like you. What would those women think if they could see you now? They would get such a laugh! And look how little you are! I'm barely able to hold on enough to do this." She stops and loosens her arm so she can look me in the eyes.

"Please don't stop Miss Barbara."

"I won't sweetheart, just remember what we talked about. And tell me what you want." She starts again with her left hand.

"Yes ma'am, I'll remember. I want milk. Please Miss Barbara, give me milk."

She pulls me back to her nipples and I suck. "I will Jackie, sissy milk for the sissy." I lose control and release into her hand. She catches it and I taste the milk as she dribbles it down her breast.

"I love you Miss Barbara."

"I love you too Jackie."


  1. Great story my little cockette almost made a bump in my panties.

    1. Ohh, we wouldn't want that to happen, would we? It might give you the wrong idea and then you would need to be reminded of your place too! Thanks for reading and for the comment!

  2. Thank you... just a lovely vision. Well, first, of you... a pretty girl!
    And how your time went downstairs. Yes, nice to be reminded how real women don't need us sissies, no matter how well we perfect our look!
    Hug, Sara

  3. What a sweet story. You are very lucky!