Friday, November 5, 2010

What is a Sissy?

"What is a sissy?"  It is a simple question and the basic answer also seems to be quite simple.  The dictionary definition of "sissy" is "an effeminate boy or man".  This definition is true as far as it goes.  But the definition does not really go very far in explaining what I mean when I say "I am a sissy". 

Calling a male "sissy" is almost always meant to be an insult.  The fact that it is meant this way plainly illustrates the masculine attitude that women are inferior to men.  Otherwise, why should saying that a male is "effeminate" be thought of as an insult? 

This is also demonstrated by the fact that there is no derogatory term for a young female that is not feminine enough.  Yes, the term "tomboy" may mean something like "a girl that likes boy things" but calling a girl a "tomboy" is not generally considered to be an insult.  This attitude can also be seen in the fact that a girl may happily refer to herself as a "tomboy", but a boy will almost never refer to himself as a "sissy". 

So why do I happily refer to myself as a sissy?  I do it because I know that the word "sissy", despite popular belief, is not derogatory.  The idea that the word is an insult is based on the belief that women are inferior to men, that masculinity is superior to femininity.  This belief is wrong.  In fact, women are superior to men, femininity is superior to masculinity.  This is the reason that the word "sissy" is actually not an insult. 

Well then, what exactly do I mean by the word "sissy" when I say "I am a sissy"?  The answer is basically this:  a "sissy" is a male that recognizes the superiority of women and, based on that recognition, desires to reduce his masculinity where ever possible and become more feminine. 

This is a very basic definition but it generally holds true.  Granted, a young boy that is first trying on his mother's panties or sister's nightie or an aunt's slip may not consciously "recognize the superiority of women," but his fascination with the feminine must surely indicate the beginning of that recognition.  Indeed this realization may be subconscious in many sissies but it seems that a male who embraces the feminine within himself could not think of women as inferior to men. 

Briefly, there is one more thing I would like to clear up.  The question that often follows "What is a sissy?" is this one:  "Are you gay?".  The answer to this one is easy.  No, I am not gay.  Most sissies are not gay.  Most sissies adore women more than they can possibly express.  And many sissies feel a vague, if not overt, disgust with masculinity, including their own. 

I hope this clears up some confusion.  I know that it is likely to raise other questions, but I would be thrilled to hear those too!