Sunday, December 30, 2012

Thanks for a Happy Sissy 2012!

Just a quick note to end the year 2102 from me, Jackie the Happy Sissy.

First of all, thanks so much to everybody that read my blog this year! When I first started this blog I didn't know what to expect from it or for it. From it, I got a lot of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. It has been a great aid in getting my thoughts and ideas about sissy life and feminine superiority organized and expressed.

For it, the first few months went with zero or single-digit page views. This didn't bother me because I was doing it more for myself than anything. But then people started finding it, some other blogs linked to it, and suddenly I was getting hundreds and then over a thousand visitors a month. Then I advertised my blog in a post at the Club Sissy discussion board and started talking about it in chat rooms and soon I was getting thousands of views. Now, it is over ten thousand visitors a month and still rising!

My aim has always been to help sissies and especially women who find themselves in relationships with sissies to be happy and enjoy their life. I also want to spread awareness of the feminine-led lifestyle as much as possible. In that area, I have been thrilled to see visitors from places like the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. Even such male-dominated places such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and even Iran! Hopefully in some small way I have raised awareness among women that there is another way.

But most of all, I appreciate the comments, emails and chats I have had with sissies, women, and even men because of this blog. Thanks so much for the comments, compliments and even the constructive criticism.

I hope I can maintain your interest in the upcoming year and I will do my best to keep posting interesting and relevant essays and articles for sissies and women who find themselves, or want to find themselves, in relationships with sissies.

So, thanks again to everybody for reading in 2012! I hope your year was great and that 2013 will be even better! Let me know of any subjects you are interested in and would like me to address. Say hello anytime you want to in Club Sissy chat room, email, or Yahoo Messenger (both are

Have a happy and totally sissy 2013! Love to you all...

Jackie (the Happy Sissy!)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Humiliation and the Sissy, Part 5 - Tying Up the Loose Ends

For the fifth and final part of this series about sissies and humiliation I want to tie up some loose ends that didn't seem to fit in any of the other entries.

For one thing, I have not addressed the idea of humiliation as a fetish. Many people, and not just sissies, enjoy and get a sexual charge from humiliation. I am well aware of this and have of course felt the rush of euphoria in the aftermath of humiliation myself. But humiliation as a fetish is not really what this series was meant to be about.

What I get from humiliation can best be described as a sense of accomplishment. It generally means that I have exposed myself, or been exposed in some way, as a sissy. It means that I have overcome inhibitions and ingrained attitudes about femininity and have thus reduced my masculinity. In my own mind, and hopefully in the eyes of others, I have become less of a man, more of a sissy. And if I am lucky, my own loss of masculinity might somehow lead to a loss of masculinity for some other male or an increase in empowerment for a female. Anything that I can do to change the balance of power in society is important. Every little bit helps. Every sissy should keep this in mind.

There is also the matter of public exposure for the expressed purpose of humiliation. I believe that a sissy has a right to express herself anywhere, even in public. However, I also feel that it is not proper to bring unwilling participants into one's own fetish or sexual activity. Admittedly, this can cause some gray areas.

My advice is just to use good judgement. Is it okay to walk through a mall in a frilly sissy dress, exposing ruffled panties for the singular purpose of being humiliated? I'm thinking not so much. Is it okay to wear feminine clothes in public? Of course it is. Once again, a sissy has a right to be herself. It if is something a woman could legitimately wear in public, a male, a sissy, can wear it too. This might still cause the sissy some embarrassment, but it is not the expressed purpose.

So, I think I have come to the end of my series about humiliation and the sissy. I hope you liked it! If you think of anything I missed, or have any observations about what I have written, don't hesitate to let me know.

Thanks so much for reading!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Humiliation and the Sissy, Part 4 - Being a Sissy... is Not for Sissies!

In this fourth part of my series about sissies and humiliation I want to stress the idea that sissies can be considered courageous for inviting and enduring humiliation. I want to point out how this courage on the part of sissies belies one of the most common usages of the word "sissy."

The first definition of "sissy" in my dictionary is "an effeminate boy or man." Fair enough, however another definition is "a timid or cowardly person." My view is that for the sissy to be herself, that is "an effeminate male," especially in public, she can't be timid or cowardly.

It takes a certain amount of nerve for a male to shop openly in the lingerie section of a department store because, as I have pointed out, everyone knows the panties are for you. Somebody might laugh at you. It takes even more nerve to openly shop for feminine clothes like dresses, skirts, blouses, etc. Especially if you accept assistance from the sales staff or ask to try things on. They might talk about you behind your back. In fact, they almost certainly will. True, these activities are low risk from a physical standpoint, but there is a high risk of being embarrassed, but that is still risk. Facing risk is not something a "timid or cowardly person" does.

And sissies might risk humiliation in an endless number of other ways and to many different degrees. How about publicly wearing a bra under a t-shirt? What about a doctor visit when you decide to be yourself and wear panties? Or, more seriously, telling your wife what was, up to that point, your secret? Now that takes nerve. These are good things from the important standpoint of publicizing the existence of sissies and of living your life, and they all take varying amounts of courage.

Being a sissy is generally not a choice, some males are just not cut out to be "real men." Some sissies think they are real men until an enlightened and enlightening woman exposes their true self for them. But are you really a sissy unless someone else sees you as a sissy? I am not sure that you are. I think the more that other people see you and realize that you are a sissy, the more of a sissy you are. And allowing people to see that you are a sissy takes courage. Therefore, being an effeminate male is not for the timid or cowardly.

In other words, being a sissy is not for sissies!

I think I have one more entry left in the "Humiliation and the Sissy" series, a few loose ends to tie up. Until next time, let me know of any other typical examples of sissy courage that you might think of, or of examples of courage in your own life of which you are especially proud. And until next time, thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Humiliation and the Sissy, Part 3 - Humiliation Makes it Easier to be a Sissy

For the third part in this series I want to talk more about how sissies benefit from humiliation. I also want to touch on something I feel is important to recognize: It takes courage for a sissy to risk embarrassment, and continue on in the face of it. In other words, being a sissy is not for sissies!

I ended the last article in this series by saying that humiliation "makes you more of a sissy because it makes it easier to be a sissy." This probably requires a bit of explanation. I understand that it could be argued that humiliation is what makes it hard to be a sissy. After all, if a sissy was not afraid of being embarrassed, there would be nothing stopping her. She could be as sissy as she wanted in any situation. But the answer lies within the argument: it is not humiliation that makes it a challenge to be a sissy, it is the fear of humiliation. The truth is, experiencing humiliation makes it easier to be a sissy because, once you experience humiliation in a given situation, that situation becomes less scary. A few examples...

I was embarrassed when I first went shopping for panties, now I enjoy it even though I realize that everybody knows the panties are for me (see this earlier entry). I was embarrassed when my wife first saw me in a maid uniform, now I find it fulfilling for her to approve my appearance and compliment me on chores well done. I was mortified when Miss Barbara's mother walked in on me cleaning in a housekeeping dress, now I take pride in spending a day at her house, in full maid uniform, and getting it as spotless as it can be. The first time I went jogging in a running skirt a group of three female runners, two of whom I actually knew, burst out in laughter at the sight of me. I felt like hiding and almost turned back. But I kept going and now I might jog past a dozen people on a run and not worry, even as they sometimes giggle and point.

In all of these cases, being a sissy became easier after being initially humiliating. I think being embarrassed is probably the most effective way for a sissy to grow. But the truth is, it has been a while since I have been embarrassed to be a sissy. On one hand, I can see how this is a good thing. It shows acceptance of myself as a sissy and, at least in some situations, acceptance that others see me as a sissy too. On the other hand, maybe I've gotten too comfortable. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough. Maybe I need to have more courage.

Courage? What would a sissy know about courage? Well, putting yourself into a situation where you might be humiliated is not natural. Your palms sweat, your hands shake, your voice might not be steady, you get nervous. You may have experienced the feeling of your mind screaming for you to run away to safety. But courage is not not being afraid, courage is being afraid but continuing on. It takes courage to expose yourself to humiliation. That is why I say that, oddly enough, "Being a sissy... is not for sissies!"

I'll talk more about the courage of sissies in part four of the "Humiliation and the Sissy" series. Until then, let me know what you think. Has humiliation made it easier for you to be a sissy? Or, has it made it harder? Do you feel courageous as a sissy? Have you seen or heard about a sissy doing something that takes courage? See you soon and thanks again for reading!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Humiliation and the Sissy, Part 2 - Two Benefits of Embarrassing Your Sissy Self

This is the second part in a series about the relationship between sissies and humiliation. This time I want to expand on the idea that sissies should expect, and even seek, humiliation and use embarrassment as a teaching and learning opportunity.

It is possible for you to be a sissy and never be embarrassed. You can order panties, bras, dresses, maid uniforms, makeup, wigs... pretty much anything your little heart desires, online. You can hide all of your girly things from friends and family, dates, lovers and wives, and live in fear that somebody might find something. You can dress up in private and nobody will ever see you. You can be as sissy as you want online, make friends, have fun, be part of a community, and no one in the "real world" ever has to know. All of this is well and good, but for most sissies this should not be enough.

A sissy needs to push the envelope in some way, to be challenged. And how is a sissy challenged? One way is to get herself into situations where she might be embarrassed. Shopping for panties is a good and very common example. Most sissies get very nervous when they first shop for panties of their own, I know I did. And why is this? A number of reasons might be given: "Somebody might see me." "Somebody might know the panties are for me." "Somebody might laugh at me." They all come down to the same thing: "Somebody might realize I am a sissy." And if somebody realizes you are a sissy you will be embarrassed, humiliated.

Is the fact that you might be humiliated a good reason not to shop for panties? No! It is a good reason to shop for panties! The truth is, somebody, maybe several people, will certainly realize that you are a sissy. At a minimum the cashier will know. It might be embarrassing but there are at least two reasons that this is a good thing: 1) It spreads the idea that some "men" are sissies and 2) It gets you used to the fact that you yourself are a sissy.

The first point is important because the more people that know about sissies, the more sissies there might be. Suppose only one person, the cashier, realizes you are a sissy (and she will). It might give her ideas about her husband. Or she might tell her husband which might give him ideas of his own. She could tell her girlfriends which might give them ideas about their husbands or boyfriends. Or they might tell their husbands or boyfriends and give them ideas of their own! Now multiply this effect by the number of people that see you shopping for panties. The point is, you never know how far the sissy influence might spread.

The second point is important because if you are a sissy, you should feel like a sissy. And you never feel more like a sissy than when you are embarrassed because you know somebody else sees you as a sissy. There's no undoing it, no talking them out of it. They know it and you know it. You might as well accept it, and accept that more people will know it over time. This is a very powerful reinforcement of your identity as a sissy and not a man. Basically, it makes you more of a sissy because it makes it easier to be a sissy.

I'll explore the second point more in part three of the "Humiliation and the Sissy" series. Until then, let me know what you think. Are there any more advantages of humiliating yourself as a sissy? What ways have you embarrassed yourself by revealing your true sissy self?  See you next time and thanks so much for reading!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Humiliation and the Sissy, Part 1 - Is it Embarrassing to be a Sissy?

In this series I want to talk about the relationship between sissies and humiliation, a subject that is more complex than it might at first seem. Much of this complexity arises from the different lifestyles and situations in which a sissy might find herself. I am going to start with two of the most basic questions: Is it humiliating just being a sissy? And, is being humiliated something a sissy should expect?

First of all, the dictionary definition of "humiliate" is "to injure the self-respect of : MORTIFY - humiliation (n)." And, since humiliation is closely related to embarrassment, the most relevant definition of "embarrass" is "to cause to experience self-conscious distress." In addition, the definition of "humility" is "the quality or state of being humble" where the adjective "humble" means "1. not proud or haughty," "2. not pretentious," or "3. insignificant."

Since it is the easiest one, I'll start with "humility." Humility, being humble, is of course an integral part of being a sissy. A sissy is not proud or haughty, and definitely not pretentious. As for the third definition, "insignificant," I feel that it does not apply. A sissy might describe herself as "insignificant," but I do not agree. No one is insignificant, whether man, woman, or sissy. In fact, I would argue that sissies are more beneficial to society than men, but that is a subject for a later essay.

Humility and humiliation are not the same thing, but they are related in interesting ways. For one thing, humiliation (injury to self-respect) in the form of embarrassment (the experience of self-conscious distress) is useful, often even necessary, to teach sissies lessons in humility. On the other hand, the more humility a sissy possesses, the more humble she is, the less likely she is to be embarrassed, and therefore humiliated, in situations that would be completely mortifying to any real man.

So, regarding the first of the questions that I started with: Is it humiliating just being a sissy? My answer is a bit subtle but I would say no, not necessarily. However, being a sissy often does, and probably even should, lead to situations in which the sissy experiences humiliation and embarrassment. In most cases, a sissy should view these situations as learning experiences, as lessons in humility.

Which leads naturally to the second question: Is being humiliated something a sissy should expect? To this, I would say yes, as a sissy you should expect to be humiliated and embarrassed at some point. It might happen when someone discovers your secret, like when your wife catches you dressed up in women's clothes. Or maybe as the result of a situation that you put yourself in, like hearing teen-aged girls giggle at you as you shop in the lingerie section of a department store. If you are a sissy, and have never been embarrassed because of it, maybe you just aren't trying hard enough!

What do you think dear readers? Is it humiliating or embarrassing to be a sissy? Is being embarrassed at times important in your development as a sissy? Let me know what you think, either in the comments, or in YM or email (, or in chat at Club Sissy. Hope to hear from you!

Stay tuned for part two of the "Humiliation and the Sissy" series, and thanks so much for reading!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Miss Barbara Reminds Jackie of Her Place as a Sissy

Well... I'm ready. One last look in the mirror and I see... well, a sissy, what else? One more reminder of the purpose behind this whole exercise. There is nothing in the mirror that would allow me to think I was looking at the reflection of a man. It is not the reflection of a woman, that is certainly true, but no real man would allow himself to look like the person in the mirror. That person is shaved hairless from face-to-toe, powdered, and dressed in a short, pink baby-doll nightie with ruffly panties peeking out below the hem. Adding to the effect, but not visible in the mirror of course, is the four-inch penis-shaped plug that is inserted... well, lets just say inserted. A wistful sigh, one last mental reminder that I really do need this, and I go downstairs to the living room where Miss Barbara awaits.
"Ah, there's my little sissy! Aren't you just adorable?" Miss Barbara greets me cheerfully.

"Thank you Miss Barbara," I respond, giving a little curtsy, just as she expects.

"Oh you are so welcome Jackie. Give us a little spin." I dutifully spin around, once, twice, the hem of the baby-doll nightie floats up and exposes my frilly ruffle panties. She nods approvingly, "Oh yes, that is just perfect. And your pacifier is in place, correct?"

"Of course, Miss Barbara."

"Then we're all ready aren't we?"

"Yes ma'am," I respond.

"Well then," she unbuttons her blouse and is soon topless. She pats her lap, "Let's get this over with, shall we?" I move toward the couch.
I'm laying on the couch, the back of my neck in the crook of her right arm. She is holding me to her breasts and I suckle at her nipples as she talks to me.

"I know you were looking at those women. What were you thinking about?" Her left hand caresses me through my panties as she talks.

"I was wishing I could be like them." I knew what she was asking about, there was no reason to deny it. It was a Victoria's Secret commercial. She didn't change the channel when it came on. I tried to remain impassive while it played and thought I succeeded.

"Aww, that's nice. Of course you were, but are you sure that was all?" I had tried not to think anything while the commercial played, but the women were so beautiful in their pretty bras and panties.

"Yes ma'am, I'm sure. I only wanted to be like they are."

"Well, it's nice to dream but I know that you know that you can never really be like them. You just had a look that made me think you were thinking about... something more." She deftly extracts me from the panties as she holds my mouth to her nipples. "But of course that would be silly, right Jackie?" She strokes me even though I don't have a full erection, the "pacifier" makes sure of that.

"Yes Miss Barbara, that would be silly."

"And why is that, Jackie? Why would that be silly?" Her hand is still playing with me and it feels so good. I don't want her to stop and I don't want to stop suckling to answer, but I do.

"Because women like that have no use for a little sissy like me."

"That's right, Jackie, women like that need a real man, not a little sissy like you. What would those women think if they could see you now? They would get such a laugh! And look how little you are! I'm barely able to hold on enough to do this." She stops and loosens her arm so she can look me in the eyes.

"Please don't stop Miss Barbara."

"I won't sweetheart, just remember what we talked about. And tell me what you want." She starts again with her left hand.

"Yes ma'am, I'll remember. I want milk. Please Miss Barbara, give me milk."

She pulls me back to her nipples and I suck. "I will Jackie, sissy milk for the sissy." I lose control and release into her hand. She catches it and I taste the milk as she dribbles it down her breast.

"I love you Miss Barbara."

"I love you too Jackie."

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Muslim Mistress in the Making?

I have been chatting as "Jackie Goodsissy" or "JackieSissy" on the Internet for years. Over those years I have become friendly with women from all over the world. The relationships I am most proud of are those with women from strict, male-dominated cultures like the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Africa. The reason is simple: I feel that it is especially important for women in those societies to see an alternative to the curse of male domination.

Now I have exciting news. One of my oldest and dearest chat friends is a woman named Putri ("Miss Putri" to me of course) from Indonesia. We have chatted regularly since she was a teenager. Well, now she is in her twenties and recently told me that she is getting married! This is exciting but what is really thrilling is what else she told me. She said she wants her marriage to be like mine and Miss Barbara's. When I asked her what she meant, she told me she wanted to be the "boss" in her home and wished for her husband to be a sissy ("like you")!

My jaw almost hit the keyboard tray. For one thing, in our early chats Miss Putri said in no uncertain terms that she thought I might be literally crazy. She could not conceive why a man would dress "womanly" and consider his wife to be his superior. The closest thing to a sissy she knew of were the "lady boys", male prostitutes that impersonate women. I was able to show her profiles (this was on the old Friendster social network) of my sissy friends, even some in Indonesia, and show that there are sissies everywhere.

Over the years I chatted about women being superior to men and how the world would be a better place if women were in charge. I was always a polite and respectful example of a good sissy husband. At first she told me how cruel Miss Barbara was to not allow me to be a man. I explained that Miss Barb was actually compassionate and understanding and guided me out of my failed attempt at manhood.

To make a long story short(ish), Miss Putri has a strong independent streak and says that "hubby" (as we call him) is not exactly aggressive. She is sure she can exercise influence over him and now we talk about ways to influence him in a feminine direction. This is going to be fun!

Miss Putri gave me permission to tell her story and she says she will be happy to chat with my sissy friends. So sissy friends, if it works out that we are on Yahoo Messenger at the same time, I will be happy to introduce you to her. But, and this is important, you must be respectful. No "sex talk"! She is very sweet and reserved and this is definitely not a cyber-sex thing.

So, add me ( to your YM and we can chat. And if it works out, I might introduce you to my friend and a potential Muslim Mistress in the making!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sissy Panties and Women's One-piece Swimsuit for Sissy Jackie

I was just on and I noticed an awesome review of my favorite panties. Check it out...

Lace Nouveau Panties - Nylonpanties4me review

Now that is a sissy panties review! It tells how his wife dared him to wear panties and now he's hooked. And goes on to give the pluses from a sissy point of view, including how his wife likes to see him in panties! Very nice and leaves no doubt about his being a sissy. I am just happy Kohl's published it!

Plus, I had a coupon for Kohl's and I ordered this...

Speedo One-piece swimsuit

I live close to the beach and love to ride my bike. I am hoping this one-piece women's swimsuit fits well and I can wear it under the drabby shorts and shirts I wear for riding. That way, when I end up on the beach, especially at the sparsely populated beaches on the north end, I can ditch my shirt and maybe shorts too and walk or lounge on the beach in my one-piece swimsuit. I figure if I am laying in the sun on a towel, especially if I am on my tummy, I might not even be noticed as a male in a women's swimsuit.

Do any other sissies have experience with women's one-piece suits? I can't wait to try it out, I'll let you sissies know how it works out.

Until then, stay happy sissies!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sissies Meeting Sissies... and Chatting!

The nicest thing about this internet thingy is that you get to meet other people that share the same interests as you. And by "share the same interests as you," I mean "are sissies like me." It wasn't long ago that a sissy would wonder if she was the only one in the world that enjoyed the girly things. But thanks to the internet, not only do we know there are a lot of other sissies out there, but we can chat with some of them at almost any time.

With that in mind, here are three chat sites that I like to frequent.

Crossdresser Chat City
I am mostly in the Sissy Chat room when I am on this site. The interface is a little non-intuitive and clunky and there are technical problems (disconnects, etc.) at times. But it can be fun and I have met some really nice sissies there. Hi Valerie and Susanna! 

Club Sissy
Club Sissy is probably my favorite sissy site. It has a lot of features and one of the best is the Sissy Chat  area. The Free Chat room usually has a lot of people (64 as I type this). There are also user-created rooms that are more specialized but these all go away every night when the server resets or something.

ImageFap Chat
ImageFap is actually a photo sharing site for porn pictures but it also has a pretty busy chat area. There is a General chat room that is not sissy-specific and there is a "T room" that is for sissy types. There are also various other rooms for other interests. The General room is a good place to advertize my blog but I have to be careful there. A lot of pics are shared and most of them would not be considered acceptable for this sissy to view. I try to not pay too much attention to them. The pics shared in the T room are much more acceptable of course. If you check out Image Fap, drop by my profile...  Jackiesissy at Image Fap. All the galleries in my Favorites are acceptable for sissy viewing, according to Miss Barbara.

So, check out these chat sites and meet some sissies. Sometimes the rooms are quiet and I might try to get some talk going. Other times I am quiet too and just seeing what is going on. Often I advertize the Jackie the Happy Sissy blog. I like to chat in the room more than privately. If you check out any of these rooms and see me, please say "Hi". My name in chat is always "Jackiesissy" so you can't miss me.

Hope to meet you soon and thanks so much for reading!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sissy Reviews Panties for!

After three tries I got a review of the Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Lace Nouveau Brief published on the site...

Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Lace Nouveau at Kohls

Yes, its the same one I managed to get on the Belk's site. I have also tried one a little more sissy-oriented at but no luck. They are all so strict  :(   At least I got the name Jackiesissy on my reviews so there is at least a sissy clue!

But guess what, I'm not the first sissy to review panties and more. Check out the site...

Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Lace Nouveau at JC Penneys

Three of the reviews are by males! One of them is named Lovestodress2. And that sissy has reviewed a lot of other feminine clothes. Nice to know sissies are out there, don't you think

There are a lot of us sissies out there, so be happy sissies!  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sissy Reviews Panties for!

I've mentioned them before so you may have guessed that my favorite panties are the Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Lace Nouveau. I love the fit and the silky feel of the fabric. Plus the lace insets are just so sissy. Well, take a look at the product page for these panties at

 Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Lace Nouveau at Belks

Scroll down a little to the reviews, see the one, "Most Comfy Panties Ever"? See who the author is? That's right, it is little old me, Jackiesissy!

I tried a couple of other reviews, more obviously sissy or man-in-panties oriented, but they didn't get published (wonder why?). It has given me ideas though, maybe a way to have some happy sissy fun, reviewing products on department store sites.  Want to join in on the fun? Join department store sites and try to get your own sissy reviews published.

Let me know if you have any success!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shopping For Panties ...For Sissies - Closing Thoughts and Bits of Advice

I think after four issues in the "Shopping For Panties ...For Sissies" series I said almost all I have to say about the subject. However, I thought of some odds and ends that didn't fit into any of the previous issues. So with that in mind here is Part 5 of the series, a little thing I call "Closing Thoughts and Bits of Advice."

So, in no particular order:

Shopping on the same day of the week at about the same time increases the chances of seeing the same sales personnel during a visit, and they get used to seeing you. My thinking is that this tends to make everyone more comfortable. A nice touch is to address an associate by name (it is on their name tag after all). You might even end up chatting and get to know them a little. For instance, I asked one women about her interesting accent and it turned out she was an immigrant from the Ukraine.

One positive effect of being a regular and familiar customer is that these women know you are not buying all those panties, bras, camisoles, slips, etc. for someone else. No, they know you are shopping for yourself, so they know you are a sissy. This is a good thing for our cause. We want people, especially women, to know about sissies in society. It has always been my experience that the staff is accepting, if sometimes only business-like. But unless I am mistaken, they are often at least interested or even amused. But we can't (or shouldn't) try to force ourselves as sissies on them, which leads to my next point.

I have often been asked a question like, "I want the cashier to know the panties are for me, how do I tell her?" The answer is easy, "You don't." Think about it, women don't take a batch of panties to the cash register and say, "Oh by the way, these panties are for me!" No, the cashier already knows the panties are for her, just as she already knows the panties are for you, if she bothers to think about it at all. Unnecessarily pointing out or emphasizing this fact can come across as you forcing her to participate in your fantasy life, even if that was not your intention. Just bring your selections to the register, be natural and pay, and only make whatever small talk arises and is appropriate. In short, it is not fair to be an exhibitionist but you have every right to be yourself.

One last thing... when you can, join the club! One time Nadia, the Ukrainian woman mentioned above, had been especially helpful. I asked her if there was a way to pass a good review to her manager. I was thinking comment card but she told me that I could join the Dillards Shopping Club online and send comments that way. I joined the club using the name "Jackie Goodsissy" and sent a comment explaining how Nadia had been very helpful. I mentioned that I was happy with my purchases and would recommend Dillards "to all my friends".

A short time later I was at that store in line with a few women behind me. When I stepped up to pay, the cashier looked at me and said, "Oh hi! Was it you that wrote that nice email?" I was thrilled and said that if it was from Jackie then yes, it was. She told me the manager loved it and printed it out for the bulletin board in the break room! The cashier (and it was not Nadia) spoke to me in a conversational voice that some of the women in line could surely hear. As I left, I was so proud that I could not stop smiling. How many people had become at least marginally aware of sissies in their world because of this?

Since then, I have joined more clubs including shopping clubs, a panty buyers club (buy 5 get 1 free) and a pantyhose club. I have more stories I could tell about those, but you get the idea. So, I think it is time to bring this series to an end. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed the writing. So one last time, thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shopping For Panties ...For Sissies - Of Course You Can Try it On! A Sissy's Fondest Shopping Memories

Writing the series "Shopping For Panties ...For Sissies" naturally lead to some pleasant memories of my own shopping experiences. So in this issue I would like to relate a few them and illustrate how the right attitude can bring the sissy pleasant shopping experiences. With that in mind, here is Part 4 of the series which I call "Of Course You Can Try in On! A Sissy's Fondest Shopping Memories."

I have already mentioned the earliest experience that comes to mind. Miss Barbara and I were at J. C. Penney and I was happy she was with me because I was still nervous about shopping for myself. She picked out a lovely string bikini panty with two pretty flowers where the "string" part meets the "bikini" part. I liked them and I picked out a pair for myself, only hers was size 3 and mine was size 6. When we were checking out, the sales associate mentioned what she thought was a mistake and pointed out the size difference between the two. Miss Barb said, "No, there's no mistake, these are for me and those are for him." I must have turned bright red as the cashier looked at me and said, "Oh, I see."

Later I told Miss Barbara I couldn't believe she had said that. She asked, "Why not? What was I supposed to say?" She went on to explain that since I would be shopping for panties, among other things, for myself, that people, and especially sales associates, were going to know I was a sissy. I might as well accept it and get used to it. And of course, as usual, she was right.

That advice came in handy soon after when I was shopping at Macys. I was browsing a rack of Vanity Fair panties and glanced up just in time to see two young women quickly look away and melt into giggles. I felt very embarrassed and my first instinct was to get out of there fast. But then I thought about what Miss Barb had said. I realized they knew I was shopping for panties for myself. After all, no man would buy the style I was looking at for a woman. What else would they think? So I decided to just accept it. I picked out a bunch of colorful full-cut nylon briefs (buy three get one free!) and carried them right past the table of sexy little panties where the women were standing. I could hear them talking and giggling as I paid. As I walked away with my purchase I thought I heard the phrase, "...must be some kind of sissy," and then more giggling. But I already knew I am some kind of sissy! And after that, I wasn't so worried about others knowing it too.

Not being worried about strangers knowing you are a sissy can lead to things you never dreamed of. For instance, Miss Barbara told me I should wear a camisole over the bra under some of my shirts so one Friday I went by Dillards after work to look for one. I was a regular in the lingerie section of this particular store. The sales associate once even said to me, "Oh good! Whenever I see you here I know its Friday!" Well, I found a style I liked but could not tell which size would fit... 38? 40? 42? I decided to buy several and return the ones that didn't fit.

I went to the counter with the camisoles and the sales associate asked, "Did you find everything you need?" I said something like, "I think so..." but she must have noticed something in my voice because she asked if there was anything she could help me with. Knowing that she knew I was a sissy, and noticing there were no other customers in the department, I decided to take a chance. I said, "Would it be okay if I... tried these on?" A look of surprise flitted across her face but disappeared in an instant and she said, "Of course you can try them on!" and directed me to the fitting rooms.

I was in sissy heaven! I tried them on, found the perfect size, and took three camisoles to the counter for purchase. When she was ringing them up, she said, "If you ever need anything, just ask because I don't have any problem with it." How awesome was that?! And it was true. Over the next few months she helped me with several things including finding sizes and showing me these great gel inserts that go in bras and give extra cup size.

So remember, accept that customers and cashiers already know you are a sissy and just have fun!

Next issue: I think next time I will finish up this series with a few closing thoughts and bits of advice. So keep reading for "Shopping For Panties ...For Sissies - Closing Thoughts and Bits of Advice" (unless I think of a better title before then!) Thanks so much for reading!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shopping For Panties ...For Sissies - A Sissy's Guide To How Not To Shop For Panties

So we talked about the best places to shop for panties and about how to be natural and enjoy the pleasures of shopping. My mental audience has been the "new" sissy just going out shopping for panties those first times. I wish I could have read those posts before I went shopping for panties that first time. Why? Well that leads me to Part 3 of the series, "A Sissy's Guide to How Not to Shop for Panties."

This happened before Miss Barbara knew I was a sissy when I was still wearing panties in secret. I was travelling for work, and decided it would be fun to buy a bunch of panties to see which ones I liked and which sizes were best. Plus I knew it would be fun to play in my panties in my room and wear them to work (actually it was a class) too.

I decided to go to a Walmart on the drive out of town and buy my panties there. I told myself to relax and act natural, but it didn't help. I kept having those, "What if somebody sees me? What if they know I am buying panties for myself?" thoughts. So yes, I was nervous, but I managed to overcome it and go into the store.

I didn't hesitate once I was there. I got a cart and went right to the lingerie section. There were a couple of women working there, arranging things, stocking the racks and tables, things like that. Also, other shoppers, women of course, came in and out while I was there. I tried to act casually but I also tried to stay away from other customers and the employees. That probably made me stand out more than if I could have just relaxed, but I couldn't help it.

So I started looking at the panties. And there were so many of them! It was a pretty panty wonderland! I didn't know where to start. I looked at the different styles and decided to try a few different ones in different sizes and started putting some into my cart. I was getting more relaxed but then I noticed the the employees in the section talking to each other and looking at me. It may have been my imagination, but it got me nervous all over again. I put a few more in the cart and got out of there.

But then I had to pay for my selections. The store was busy with lines at every cash register. I walked back and forth a couple of times looking for a good place to check out. I didn't want to go to a male cashier. But then again, I didn't know if I wanted to go to a young woman or an older one. I ended up in the line of a small middle-aged woman.

Standing there, I realized how obviously full of panties my cart was and hoped the people in front would not turn around and notice. Most of the time, when the person in front of you is paying, you start putting your things on the conveyor, but I was afraid to do that with people all around. After the person in front of me paid, I started unloading. It seemed like a hundred pairs! I started putting them on the belt, panties and more panties. Different styles, colors, fabrics and so obviously panties. I thought I heard somebody behind me in line whisper and even laugh but I was too embarrassed to look in that direction.

The cashier was a little Hispanic woman and after she scanned about three panties she paused with a funny look on her face, looked at me and said (heavily accented), "Are these all yours?" I was totally stunned and didn't know what to say. I don't remember what I did say but I certainly did NOT play it very cool. She continued scanning the panties.

And then, horror of horrors, there was a pair of panties with no price tag! I thought for a second that she was going to get on the microphone, "Price check, aisle 2!" I said, "I think they are the same price as those." She looked at me a second and scanned the other panties again and said, "Next time make sure they all have tags." And then I was out of there with all my pretty panties!

So I had my panties and I did have a very fun trip. Some of those panties were surely among those found soon after by Barb during the hurricane evacuation. The shopping was exciting, true, but it would have been so much more pleasant if I had been able to read those last two entries!

Next issue: Some of my best interactions with sales associates! Stick around for, "Yes You Can Try it On - A Sissy's Fondest Shopping Memories" (or something like that!)