Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shopping For Panties ...For Sissies - A Sissy's Guide To How Not To Shop For Panties

So we talked about the best places to shop for panties and about how to be natural and enjoy the pleasures of shopping. My mental audience has been the "new" sissy just going out shopping for panties those first times. I wish I could have read those posts before I went shopping for panties that first time. Why? Well that leads me to Part 3 of the series, "A Sissy's Guide to How Not to Shop for Panties."

This happened before Miss Barbara knew I was a sissy when I was still wearing panties in secret. I was travelling for work, and decided it would be fun to buy a bunch of panties to see which ones I liked and which sizes were best. Plus I knew it would be fun to play in my panties in my room and wear them to work (actually it was a class) too.

I decided to go to a Walmart on the drive out of town and buy my panties there. I told myself to relax and act natural, but it didn't help. I kept having those, "What if somebody sees me? What if they know I am buying panties for myself?" thoughts. So yes, I was nervous, but I managed to overcome it and go into the store.

I didn't hesitate once I was there. I got a cart and went right to the lingerie section. There were a couple of women working there, arranging things, stocking the racks and tables, things like that. Also, other shoppers, women of course, came in and out while I was there. I tried to act casually but I also tried to stay away from other customers and the employees. That probably made me stand out more than if I could have just relaxed, but I couldn't help it.

So I started looking at the panties. And there were so many of them! It was a pretty panty wonderland! I didn't know where to start. I looked at the different styles and decided to try a few different ones in different sizes and started putting some into my cart. I was getting more relaxed but then I noticed the the employees in the section talking to each other and looking at me. It may have been my imagination, but it got me nervous all over again. I put a few more in the cart and got out of there.

But then I had to pay for my selections. The store was busy with lines at every cash register. I walked back and forth a couple of times looking for a good place to check out. I didn't want to go to a male cashier. But then again, I didn't know if I wanted to go to a young woman or an older one. I ended up in the line of a small middle-aged woman.

Standing there, I realized how obviously full of panties my cart was and hoped the people in front would not turn around and notice. Most of the time, when the person in front of you is paying, you start putting your things on the conveyor, but I was afraid to do that with people all around. After the person in front of me paid, I started unloading. It seemed like a hundred pairs! I started putting them on the belt, panties and more panties. Different styles, colors, fabrics and so obviously panties. I thought I heard somebody behind me in line whisper and even laugh but I was too embarrassed to look in that direction.

The cashier was a little Hispanic woman and after she scanned about three panties she paused with a funny look on her face, looked at me and said (heavily accented), "Are these all yours?" I was totally stunned and didn't know what to say. I don't remember what I did say but I certainly did NOT play it very cool. She continued scanning the panties.

And then, horror of horrors, there was a pair of panties with no price tag! I thought for a second that she was going to get on the microphone, "Price check, aisle 2!" I said, "I think they are the same price as those." She looked at me a second and scanned the other panties again and said, "Next time make sure they all have tags." And then I was out of there with all my pretty panties!

So I had my panties and I did have a very fun trip. Some of those panties were surely among those found soon after by Barb during the hurricane evacuation. The shopping was exciting, true, but it would have been so much more pleasant if I had been able to read those last two entries!

Next issue: Some of my best interactions with sales associates! Stick around for, "Yes You Can Try it On - A Sissy's Fondest Shopping Memories" (or something like that!)

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