Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shopping For Panties ...For Sissies - Of Course You Can Try it On! A Sissy's Fondest Shopping Memories

Writing the series "Shopping For Panties ...For Sissies" naturally lead to some pleasant memories of my own shopping experiences. So in this issue I would like to relate a few them and illustrate how the right attitude can bring the sissy pleasant shopping experiences. With that in mind, here is Part 4 of the series which I call "Of Course You Can Try in On! A Sissy's Fondest Shopping Memories."

I have already mentioned the earliest experience that comes to mind. Miss Barbara and I were at J. C. Penney and I was happy she was with me because I was still nervous about shopping for myself. She picked out a lovely string bikini panty with two pretty flowers where the "string" part meets the "bikini" part. I liked them and I picked out a pair for myself, only hers was size 3 and mine was size 6. When we were checking out, the sales associate mentioned what she thought was a mistake and pointed out the size difference between the two. Miss Barb said, "No, there's no mistake, these are for me and those are for him." I must have turned bright red as the cashier looked at me and said, "Oh, I see."

Later I told Miss Barbara I couldn't believe she had said that. She asked, "Why not? What was I supposed to say?" She went on to explain that since I would be shopping for panties, among other things, for myself, that people, and especially sales associates, were going to know I was a sissy. I might as well accept it and get used to it. And of course, as usual, she was right.

That advice came in handy soon after when I was shopping at Macys. I was browsing a rack of Vanity Fair panties and glanced up just in time to see two young women quickly look away and melt into giggles. I felt very embarrassed and my first instinct was to get out of there fast. But then I thought about what Miss Barb had said. I realized they knew I was shopping for panties for myself. After all, no man would buy the style I was looking at for a woman. What else would they think? So I decided to just accept it. I picked out a bunch of colorful full-cut nylon briefs (buy three get one free!) and carried them right past the table of sexy little panties where the women were standing. I could hear them talking and giggling as I paid. As I walked away with my purchase I thought I heard the phrase, "...must be some kind of sissy," and then more giggling. But I already knew I am some kind of sissy! And after that, I wasn't so worried about others knowing it too.

Not being worried about strangers knowing you are a sissy can lead to things you never dreamed of. For instance, Miss Barbara told me I should wear a camisole over the bra under some of my shirts so one Friday I went by Dillards after work to look for one. I was a regular in the lingerie section of this particular store. The sales associate once even said to me, "Oh good! Whenever I see you here I know its Friday!" Well, I found a style I liked but could not tell which size would fit... 38? 40? 42? I decided to buy several and return the ones that didn't fit.

I went to the counter with the camisoles and the sales associate asked, "Did you find everything you need?" I said something like, "I think so..." but she must have noticed something in my voice because she asked if there was anything she could help me with. Knowing that she knew I was a sissy, and noticing there were no other customers in the department, I decided to take a chance. I said, "Would it be okay if I... tried these on?" A look of surprise flitted across her face but disappeared in an instant and she said, "Of course you can try them on!" and directed me to the fitting rooms.

I was in sissy heaven! I tried them on, found the perfect size, and took three camisoles to the counter for purchase. When she was ringing them up, she said, "If you ever need anything, just ask because I don't have any problem with it." How awesome was that?! And it was true. Over the next few months she helped me with several things including finding sizes and showing me these great gel inserts that go in bras and give extra cup size.

So remember, accept that customers and cashiers already know you are a sissy and just have fun!

Next issue: I think next time I will finish up this series with a few closing thoughts and bits of advice. So keep reading for "Shopping For Panties ...For Sissies - Closing Thoughts and Bits of Advice" (unless I think of a better title before then!) Thanks so much for reading!

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