Saturday, January 18, 2014

Questions Sissies Ask - Are Sissies Born Or Are Sissies Made?

A Sissy is Born, or Made?
This one goes back to a conversation I had around the middle of last year with a sissy friend. We touched on the interesting question of when a male actually becomes a sissy. Once again, I have paraphrased our talk as a "Dear Abby" letter and response.

Dear Happy Sissy,

I don't feel like I had a chance at being a man. Even my earliest memories involve wearing my sister's clothes and playing with her dolls. Luckily I had parents, or at least a mother, that was not very bothered. However as I got older I got the impression that it was shameful and I suppressed it. I'm sure it is was assumed that I grew out of it. Well I had not and I never did, even though I tried.

Throughout my teen and young adult years I was outwardly much like any other young man. But whenever I got the chance I would dress up in whatever I could find, borrow (by which I mean steal), or on occasion buy. Ultimately I got married and of course my wife caught me. I threw away all my stuff (again) and promised not to dress up anymore. She caught me again within a year. Now I am a closet sissy even though I tried to steer straight and be a man. I just love dressing up so much and it feels so right but I live in fear of the inevitable next time I get caught.

I can accept my life as a sissy and know that I should tell my wife before she catches me again. But sometimes I wonder, when did I become a sissy? It seems like I have always been a sissy, that I was born this way. Maybe that is why I can't help it. Is that how it was for you? Are sissies born, or made?

Sometimes Happy Sissy Teri


Dear Sometimes Happy Sissy Teri,

I talk to a lot of sissies and I have heard stories like yours soooo many times, and I never get tired of them! So many sissies have told me similar stories that I think that some males are indeed born sissies. Then again, that is not how it was for me, and I have heard many stories more similar to mine as well.

In my case, I was a man addicted to masturbation that started wearing panties for excitement. Wearing panties became the most exciting way to masturbate and so I expanded on it. But when my wife found my panties and things I still considered myself just a man that wore panties for fun. Miss Barbara steered me toward sissiness until I realized that I am not just a man that likes to wear panties, I really am a sissy!

My point is that it doesn't matter terribly much when a man realizes that he is not a man anymore, or never was, and that he is a sissy. The important thing is that, once he even suspects he is a sissy, she almost certainly is. She should embrace herself as a sissy and find as many ways to express it as possible. And then keep finding ways and having sissy adventures until she doesn't even remember what it is like to be a man anymore.

In your case Teri, you are going to have to tell your wife, and soon. If she catches you again she will be more upset that you are a chronic liar than that you are a sissy, and your marriage could be over. I know and hate to mention that it could be over anyway, but my guess is that she already knows you are a sissy, this just confirms it, and you can get on with the next phase of your marriage.

Good luck sissy Teri! I think things will work out so you can sign "Always Happy Sissy Teri."


Jackie (The Happy Sissy!)