Sunday, November 2, 2014

Miss Barbara Sets The Record Straight - Miss Barbara On The Future of Sexual Politics

This little entry is based on small talk between Miss Barbara and me over dinner a short time ago. Just a normal American couple having dinner at a mid-scale local restaurant, except for our conversation. Miss Barbara expounded at length on her ideas about sexual politics in human society. I put my interpretation of her ideas together in writing just for fun. She read my summation and liked it even though she warned that alcohol might have contributed to some of the more extreme ideas. And the truth is, as much as I love her thinking, I can see a few problems. But either way, she allowed me to publish it so here it is...

First, at least half of all males, maybe up to seventy-five percent or so, will have no expectation of having sex. By "sex" I mean ejaculating into a woman's vagina especially when there is a possibility of pregnancy. It is easiest if these males just understand and accept that their penis will never enter a vagina. Most or all of these men will be feminized before the opportunity even arises so it will be quite natural for them to have no expectation of sex.

Feminization will start early in many cases. There are a lot of boys for which it is obvious they should not be allowed to reproduce. When feminization begins will be determined by women along the way during a boy's life. And of course, gender-based violence against women will be eradicated. Any aggressiveness in this area will mean the immediate loss of masculine privileges and intense, possibly chemical, feminization. This filtering of males can be calibrated such that by adulthood half or more of males will have been feminized beyond any expectation that they might have sex with women.

Marriage will change and indeed end as we know it. For now I'll still call it marriage. Sissies will be the most sought-after marriage partners. They will be loyal to their Mistress and bring value to the union in the form of earning potential, home making skills, engaging personalities, etc. Most sissies will be married and women without good sissies will always be on the lookout for one. The remaining un-feminized males, real men, will be encouraged not to marry, they will be encouraged to breed, and rewarded for doing so. When their reproduction rate diminishes below a certain level, they will then be feminized and join their peers.

Some social structures will have to be developed to bring the men together with women for reproduction as well as recreational sex. Babies will be cared for by sissies, drugs will be developed that will allow them to lactate and breast feed. Women will carry on their professional and personal lives as unimpeded as possible by the burdens of child bearing and caring.

So there it is, my quick summation of Miss Barbara's vision of the future of Female/male relations. Utopian maybe, but having a vision in mind gives you something to work toward. I hope you enjoyed this window into how Miss Barbara and I plot the overthrow of the masculine power structure over drinks and a nice meal. Thanks for reading and stay Happy Sissies!