Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Humiliation and the Sissy, Part 3 - Humiliation Makes it Easier to be a Sissy

For the third part in this series I want to talk more about how sissies benefit from humiliation. I also want to touch on something I feel is important to recognize: It takes courage for a sissy to risk embarrassment, and continue on in the face of it. In other words, being a sissy is not for sissies!

I ended the last article in this series by saying that humiliation "makes you more of a sissy because it makes it easier to be a sissy." This probably requires a bit of explanation. I understand that it could be argued that humiliation is what makes it hard to be a sissy. After all, if a sissy was not afraid of being embarrassed, there would be nothing stopping her. She could be as sissy as she wanted in any situation. But the answer lies within the argument: it is not humiliation that makes it a challenge to be a sissy, it is the fear of humiliation. The truth is, experiencing humiliation makes it easier to be a sissy because, once you experience humiliation in a given situation, that situation becomes less scary. A few examples...

I was embarrassed when I first went shopping for panties, now I enjoy it even though I realize that everybody knows the panties are for me (see this earlier entry). I was embarrassed when my wife first saw me in a maid uniform, now I find it fulfilling for her to approve my appearance and compliment me on chores well done. I was mortified when Miss Barbara's mother walked in on me cleaning in a housekeeping dress, now I take pride in spending a day at her house, in full maid uniform, and getting it as spotless as it can be. The first time I went jogging in a running skirt a group of three female runners, two of whom I actually knew, burst out in laughter at the sight of me. I felt like hiding and almost turned back. But I kept going and now I might jog past a dozen people on a run and not worry, even as they sometimes giggle and point.

In all of these cases, being a sissy became easier after being initially humiliating. I think being embarrassed is probably the most effective way for a sissy to grow. But the truth is, it has been a while since I have been embarrassed to be a sissy. On one hand, I can see how this is a good thing. It shows acceptance of myself as a sissy and, at least in some situations, acceptance that others see me as a sissy too. On the other hand, maybe I've gotten too comfortable. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough. Maybe I need to have more courage.

Courage? What would a sissy know about courage? Well, putting yourself into a situation where you might be humiliated is not natural. Your palms sweat, your hands shake, your voice might not be steady, you get nervous. You may have experienced the feeling of your mind screaming for you to run away to safety. But courage is not not being afraid, courage is being afraid but continuing on. It takes courage to expose yourself to humiliation. That is why I say that, oddly enough, "Being a sissy... is not for sissies!"

I'll talk more about the courage of sissies in part four of the "Humiliation and the Sissy" series. Until then, let me know what you think. Has humiliation made it easier for you to be a sissy? Or, has it made it harder? Do you feel courageous as a sissy? Have you seen or heard about a sissy doing something that takes courage? See you soon and thanks again for reading!


  1. This is so, so true Jackie. After each experience and humiliation when you wish the earth would open up under your feet and end it all right there you then realise, hang on, i did that and the world didn't end. Yes, a few may have pointed but sod them i am happy and proud of whom i am and so is the one i love and so next time it is that much easier.

    The trouble is that you need to then keep pushing the envelope and trying to find a situation and challenge that will re-kindle that initial level of humiliation you experienced. Before you know it the new 'normal' would have completely mortified your old self but now you think nothing of it. But is such fun to keep pushing and trying to see quite how far will you go? The answer is always and eventually far, far further than you ever first imagined.


  2. Thank you for your post, Jackie!
    So much is true in what you write. The humiliation of buying lingerie, of Wife seeing me... has in the end led to more freedom. To have my own panty drawers,and be myself. Hug, Sara