Friday, October 26, 2012

Humiliation and the Sissy, Part 2 - Two Benefits of Embarrassing Your Sissy Self

This is the second part in a series about the relationship between sissies and humiliation. This time I want to expand on the idea that sissies should expect, and even seek, humiliation and use embarrassment as a teaching and learning opportunity.

It is possible for you to be a sissy and never be embarrassed. You can order panties, bras, dresses, maid uniforms, makeup, wigs... pretty much anything your little heart desires, online. You can hide all of your girly things from friends and family, dates, lovers and wives, and live in fear that somebody might find something. You can dress up in private and nobody will ever see you. You can be as sissy as you want online, make friends, have fun, be part of a community, and no one in the "real world" ever has to know. All of this is well and good, but for most sissies this should not be enough.

A sissy needs to push the envelope in some way, to be challenged. And how is a sissy challenged? One way is to get herself into situations where she might be embarrassed. Shopping for panties is a good and very common example. Most sissies get very nervous when they first shop for panties of their own, I know I did. And why is this? A number of reasons might be given: "Somebody might see me." "Somebody might know the panties are for me." "Somebody might laugh at me." They all come down to the same thing: "Somebody might realize I am a sissy." And if somebody realizes you are a sissy you will be embarrassed, humiliated.

Is the fact that you might be humiliated a good reason not to shop for panties? No! It is a good reason to shop for panties! The truth is, somebody, maybe several people, will certainly realize that you are a sissy. At a minimum the cashier will know. It might be embarrassing but there are at least two reasons that this is a good thing: 1) It spreads the idea that some "men" are sissies and 2) It gets you used to the fact that you yourself are a sissy.

The first point is important because the more people that know about sissies, the more sissies there might be. Suppose only one person, the cashier, realizes you are a sissy (and she will). It might give her ideas about her husband. Or she might tell her husband which might give him ideas of his own. She could tell her girlfriends which might give them ideas about their husbands or boyfriends. Or they might tell their husbands or boyfriends and give them ideas of their own! Now multiply this effect by the number of people that see you shopping for panties. The point is, you never know how far the sissy influence might spread.

The second point is important because if you are a sissy, you should feel like a sissy. And you never feel more like a sissy than when you are embarrassed because you know somebody else sees you as a sissy. There's no undoing it, no talking them out of it. They know it and you know it. You might as well accept it, and accept that more people will know it over time. This is a very powerful reinforcement of your identity as a sissy and not a man. Basically, it makes you more of a sissy because it makes it easier to be a sissy.

I'll explore the second point more in part three of the "Humiliation and the Sissy" series. Until then, let me know what you think. Are there any more advantages of humiliating yourself as a sissy? What ways have you embarrassed yourself by revealing your true sissy self?  See you next time and thanks so much for reading!


  1. The most embarased I've been is going into a Nordstrom and looking around the lingerie department and a young salesgirl asking if I needed any help. I said no I was just browsing.Then I went and was looking at bras she came up to me again and asked if I was shopping for my wife. I said no that I sometimes like to crossdress. Then she said she kind of thought so.So I asked her a few questions about bras and next thing I know I was back in there in the womens dressing room with her fitting me with my breast forms I went home to get.

  2. Happy Jackie- THANK you for this lovely post. You're right... I've graduated to buying panties and lingerie at the store. And despite my stories, they know! Most have been nice about it, though :)
    Good point about the greater good of the sales associates spreading the word and pushing the envelope with their males :)

  3. For my first anniversary with my lady some 20 years ago I decided that I was going to buy her an outfit. I went down to the local Macy's and headed to the ladies' formal section. I found a really nice business skirt & jacket set that made me weak in the knees imagining my lady wearing. A saleswoman came up and asked if she could help. I told her that I found what I was looking for but didn't know my lady's size (prolly shoulda done my homework there, eh?). She insisted it wasn't a problem and just asked me to point someone out about her size, which was easy because the same saleswoman was about her size. So, she grabbed the right size from the rack and handed it to me.

    She let me go back to my shopping after assuring her that I'd look for her if I needed any further assistance. I could tell that she thought it was incredibly sweet that I would get my lady such a thing for an anniversary present (seriously, how many guys would go shopping in the ladies' section even for gifts for their lady?). She left me with a big smile and went back to tell a coworker behind the counter all about it. I knew exactly what they were giggling about because there was this time in my life when I was just one of the girls...but I digress...

    Next I headed to the lingerie section - boy, did I have a night planned - dinner out, no work the next day - so all night free, free, free. So I found this gorgeous two piece set of velvet red with black lace that made me tremble with desire. I noticed that the sizes were labeled the same as for the suit so I grabbed the same size and went to the counter to check out.

    The ladies saw that lingerie in my hand, turned bright red and just busted out laughing. I'm sure I turned just as red as they did and tried to excuse myself. " see, the suit is for her.......the lingerie is for me..." A huge burst of laughter from them was the response. "Oh NO! I mean, the suit is a present for her, the lingerie is a present for me." More hysterical laughter. "I guess that didn't come off any better." Now I was joining them in laughing. "Come on, ladies, it's not even my size! ...and there's no way this would complement my figure...oh gawd, I'd look like a cow!" A howl of laughter came out of the two of them until the one lady regained her sense of professionalism and apologized to me for putting me on the spot like that but asking my forgiveness as it's such a sweet rarity to have a guy do what I was doing and be such a good sport about it.

    I responded that no apology was necessary and that I enjoyed the giggle attack as much as they did and she giddily rang me up and sent me on my way - all of us still giggling over the whole thing.

    Now, as then, I was fairly "secure" in my sexual identity that such banter wouldn't hurt me, though it sure did embarrass the hell out of me. It was well worth it for the novelty of the experience and as Jackie says, the possibility that it will have an infectious effect. Those ladies might well have gone home to their husbands and told them all about the event with tears in their eyes from laughing so hard that it may damned well have encourage those guys to let a bit of their inner sissy out as well.

    1. Sissies who don't expose themselves to this type of embarrassment or "humiliation" just don't know what they're missing. Having to explain what I went through to my lady to get her that stuff was priceless. For a brief rare moment I felt that despite my being born a male, I might actually be something of value to the better sex. My lady got as much of a kick out of the ordeal as those ladies did - more so, because I wasn't just any sissy - I was HER sissy (and, yes, I sure as hell did squeeze my ass into that lingerie a few times). That night went a hell of a lot better than my silly imagination could have cooked up, that's for sure.

      Fast forward to the present where we both openly embrace my sissiness, my concern in shopping for myself is less about enduring embarrassment on account of how I AM viewed, but rather on how SHE will likely be viewed. OK, so we're sissies...that's fine, but those brainwashed in patriarchy are bound to judge that the female partner who has any affection for such a freak of nature must be, herself, a freak of nature - some sort of grotesque "bull dyke."

      I can live with how crappily people treat me, but any insult to HER would, frankly, make me snap (Sweetie to PSYCHO-BITCH in 0.666 seconds). She's gorgeous, intelligent, sophisticated - simply put, a goddess; she could have had any stud that she fancied; but she chose this silly little sissy to be her closest, dearest friend, ally, confidant, fan, faithful, loyal servant, etc - It is my duty to uphold her honor.
      So, I shop with her so I can read how she's taking what's going on. So far no one seems to have noticed that the things we buy are just a tad too large for her; but absent that delicious embarrassment of being "found out," we still have a hell of a lot of fun shopping for sissy-wear. Victoria's Secret ain't got shit on Ellie's Lil' Secret...mauahahahahahaha