Friday, September 20, 2013

Just A Worthless Sissy? - I Don't Think So!

In the online world of sissies I come across the phrase "just a worthless sissy" a lot. Something like, "I accepted that I was just a worthless sissy," or "She tells me that I am just a worthless sissy." When I read such things I always want to say, "You may be a sissy, but you are not worthless! She needs to know that, and more importantly, you need to know that!"

First and foremost, if you are a male, and sissies are males (sad but true, I know), it still doesn't mean you have to be a man to be of value. In fact, given the damage male domination has inflicted on society in general and women in particular, I think a sissy is more valuable to society than a real man! Plus, the sissy can be even more important depending on where she lives. For instance, every sissy living in a strict, male-dominated society such as India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, or the Philippines (all places from which I know sissies) is critical in spreading the cause of feminization.

I understand that the "worthless sissy" sentiment might be a natural response. Natural to a wife that has discovered her husband, someone she formally regarded as masculine, dressed up in lingerie and masturbating into panties. She feels shocked and betrayed, remembers the nagging, unspoken questions that lurk in her mind, "Why doesn't he express the interest in sex that he used to? Why, when we do have sex, is his energy and endurance always so low? Where did those panties under the bed come from?" Suddenly her questions are answered and the image of her husband shatters as she catches him dressed up and cumming in a pair of panties. "I thought I was married to a man but now I find out he's just a worthless sissy!" Who can blame her if this is her first reaction?

The "worthless sissy" sentiment might even come from a sissy herself, a sissy raised with society's ideal of what a "real man" should be, but who can't live up to it. He tries, sometimes even throwing away every item of female clothes he has been hiding, but he just can't do it. Soon he finds himself dressed up in pretty lingerie, panties soaked again. A male in this situation might think, "I tried to be a real man, but I just can't. I guess I'm just a worthless sissy!"

These reactions may be understandable, but there is just one problem... they are wrong! Hopefully the wife will read my series about what a woman should do if she catches her man in panties (Caught Your Husband in Panties?). If she does, she will see that finding out she has a sissy hubby is the best thing that could happen! How worthless will she think her sissy is when she is inspecting her spotless kitchen as the sissy stands by, eyes down? When she realizes that she is a queen in her home and her word is law? When it really sinks in that she can have any kind of marriage she wants? If the woman will take charge, be patient and understanding, and shape the sissy to her will, she will see that a sissy is far from worthless.

And if you are a sissy and ever find yourself thinking that you are "just a worthless sissy," well stop! Do not purge. Do not throw your sissy treasures away, it won't help. Sissy things are not what make you a sissy. You will still be a sissy after the things are gone and soon you will be buying more. If you feel worthless, find a way to be a better sissy! Practice your makeup, clean the bathroom, buy some nice panties, you can always do something to make yourself into a happy sissy.

Above all just remember, in this rough, male-dominated (for now) world, the sissy may not be the "average male," but she is the average male of the future, feminized world. Today's sissy is ahead of her time, less common and more special, and far more valuable as a result.

So sissies, hold you head up and be proud! Unless, that is, you are standing before your Mistress, in which case you should probably keep your eyes down... but be proud! Sissies are not worthless at all!

So thanks again for reading. Get in touch in any of the usual ways. Leave a comment if you feel like it. Link my blog in your blog and I will return the favor. And above all (you know it's coming)... be Happy Sissies!