Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Questions Sissies Ask - Is There Any Going Back?

Last night I was chatting with a sissy friend at Club Sissy (hi Cindy!) and we had a nice discussion during which some questions came up. I've taken the liberty of paraphrasing our conversation into a "Dear Abby"-style letter and following it up with my thoughts in the form of an answer. Sound like fun? I hope so, here goes...

Dear Happy Sissy,

I have secretly been a sissy for a long time but now I am on the cusp of a life-change. My wife will soon be fully aware that I am a sissy and that I want only to serve her. I am a closet sissy but the door is opening and I will soon be exposed.

First, my wife found my sissy clothes. She did not seem too upset or even very surprised, but I made the mistake of not talking about it and letting her assume that I got rid of my sissy things. Soon after, I actually told her that I want to serve her, but still didn't confess my sissy-hood. The last straw is my shortcomings in the bedroom. I know my sexual performance has been unsatisfactory for some time, but I did everything I could to avoid the issue. It can be avoided no longer. After a recent frustrating encounter, she told me of her dissatisfaction and said we might have to "make other arrangements." She obviously no longer considers me a satisfactory husband. Logically, the next step is obvious: admit to her that I am not a real man, I am a sissy and as such will have to support any "other arrangements" she deems necessary.

The problem is fear. I have no doubt she will accept me as her sissy, but I am afraid of the life changes it will bring about. So fearful that I sometimes think I should deny my sissy nature, act like a real man, and try to be a good husband. I don't know if such a thing is possible, but I can't help thinking about it. Sometimes it seems easier to go back than to plunge into the unknowns of sissy life.

What do you think Jackie? Can a sissy go back to being a man? Is it worth even considering? I feel my destiny is as a sissy, but I am still afraid. Is there anything I can do to ease my anxiety about coming changes?

Please help and sign me,
wanna-be-Happy-Sissy cindy


Dear wanna-be-Happy-Sissy Cindy,

First of all, congratulations! I talk to a lot of sissies that would love to be in your Mary Janes. Unfortunately, they feel stuck in the walk-in with little hope of emerging into the light of the vanity mirror. First I will offer my advice and then touch on your questions.

My advice is for you to walk out of that closet in your best outfit, confess your sissyhood, and submit to your wife's service as soon as possible. You ask the question, "Can a sissy go back to being a man?" I think the answer is contained in your line, "...I sometimes think I should deny my sissy nature, act like a real man, and try to be a good husband." Do you see it? You know your nature is that of a sissy and the closest you can come to being a real man is just an act. That is no way for a person to live. To be happy, and to make your wife happy, you must be true to your nature as a sissy. There is no going back, you are and always will be a sissy.

As for your anxiety, I'm sure a lot of it concerns the "other arrangements" mentioned by your wife. That is totally understandable, but there is nothing you can do about it except maybe become a super stud in bed. My guess is that is not an option. You could deny your sissy self and try to be a real man, but your wife will remain unhappy, unsatisfied, and ultimately probably leave you. Or, you can take the leap (just be careful in those heels!), submit to her as a sissy, and your relationship has a chance to reach levels of excitement and satisfaction most couples can only dream about.

But the best thing you have going for you is... She already knows you are a sissy! She found your sissy panties, you already told her you want to serve her, and she is aware of your shortcomings in the bedroom. My guess is that she is just watching with amusement as you struggle to come to terms with your true nature and the direction of your marriage.

So, put on your big girl panties and submit to your wife. You are ready and she is ready. Plus, once you do it, a lot of your anxiety will evaporate. That is because, once you are officially her sissy, everything else will be up to her!

Congratulations again, you are well on your way to being a Happy Sissy!

Jackie (the Happy Sissy!)


  1. TY sooo much for retelling my life Jackie...you captured it perfectly. I am getting closer to telling my Wife cos i just can't keep pretending. I think SHe knows more than i think SHe does....SHe says exactly that every now and then.
    You are an inspiration to me and being able to caht to you has really helped put it all in perspective.

    Love you cindysissy xxxx

  2. >>To be happy, and to make your wife happy, you must be true to your nature as a sissy. There is no going back, you are and always will be a sissy. <<

    I was sick with a bit of a cold last Friday. My wife told me as I was getting ready to go to work that she had called in sick for me and that the office thought it was a good idea for me stay home in case I'm contagious. After that, she asked if I would be her sissy maid for the day and she also said she had already prepared a list. I was more than happy to put on a bustier, stockings, panties (pink nylon, of course), a full mid-calf slip and a mid-calf dress, along with housekeeping shoes, and quietly do everything on the list. It made her happy that I did everything on the list along with spending plenty of time to do some other things that weren't on the list. I thought it odd that the dishes, ironing and vacuuming were not on the list, but I did those, too. She appreciates how I'm careful to move certain furniture to vacuum under it or to fit the vacuum between the furniture and the wall. I spent quite a few hours working for her. She's told me I do a better job than she does.

    After the work was done she told me to take off my shoes as she unbuttoned my dress and then I was rewarded with, well, a very slow version of what many sissies often do to ourselves if we are not properly controlled. As this was happening, I asked her if she would prefer I was a regular guy who never did housework and raise my voice at her or if she were glad I am a sissy. She told me she was glad I'm a sissy. I asked her if she would have still married me if she knew before we were married that I was a sissy. She said "of course" she would. I truly thought I could quit being interested in lingerie after we were married. But you no how well that works. I was occasionally allowed to wear panties and slips to bed by my loving wife, but she was ambivalent. She understood I like it, but there was nothing in it for her.

    I've told you elsewhere how we agreed that I could dress more completely and do housework. We have gone from her being ambivalent to her asking me to wear lingerie and dresses and do housework. We are now both happy for me to wear lingerie and dresses and handle the traditionally feminine household tasks. You know how wonderful it is to go from the fear of being found out, rejected, shunned, made a laughingstock, to being told to wear a dress for hours and do housework.

  3. >>To be happy, and to make your wife happy, you must be true to your nature as a sissy. There is no going back, you are and always will be a sissy. <<

    continued. . .

    So, in response to the OP, it seems that cindysissy's wife already knows he's a sissy and that Jackie has pretty well handled it. There are some things that can't be faked, especially over the long term. It seems being a regular man is one of them. She will do what she does but I hope it isn't anything that causes hurt.

    My wife has never been with another since we've been married and it isn't something that has ever come up as a possibility. However, I imagine it is a question that does come up in the minds of most sissies. If it does come up there would only two alternatives that I can imagine. The first alternative is to fight it and, if she is determined, always worry about being dumped and her then explaining to everyone that it is because I'm a sissy and her giving them the details. That, and our condo and most all of our other assets are already in her name for financial reasons. I'd be financially devastated as well as probably facing estrangement from most everyone else in my life. The only alternative I would really have is to accept it without even the slightest hint of even passive resistance. It would have to be just like, say, when she goes into town for shopping, hair and nail appts, etc. I'd be at home in lingerie and a dress making sure that, whatever she chooses to do, she will come back to a clean home that was cheerfully cleaned with me more than happy to draw her a candle lit bath, bring her wine, listen to how her day went, and the like. That's a small price to pay compared to being relatively destitute and alone. While I don't ever want it to go that way, I would have no choice but to accept it.