Saturday, February 26, 2011

Male Training Theory

Hi there! Just a quick break from the "Caught Your Husband in Panties" series to bring you a really great link that a friend showed me. Dream Lover Labs makes and sells various devices used for training males but the page I really like is this one:

It contains several essays on the training of males by Women. This link could be a big help to a lot of women! It would be a great benefit to society if all women were aware of these techniques. I don't know if Miss Barbara has ever read this exact page but I recognize many of these techniques from her use of them in our marriage!

Pass this link on to any women that you know, especially women with disrespectful or overbearing husbands! These men need to be trained for their own good, the good of society, and most of all for the benefit of the woman.


  1. There is a lot of good in the male hormone but sadly the world has not trained them right from the start and they need to be trained right from the start - by women - to become better people. I guess we agree on this one 100% don't we?

  2. Hi Miss Marina, thanks for the comment! Yes, we definitely agree on this one. I may have some ideas, but I am not knowledgeable about training methods for males prior to adulthood. I would guess that an important part of it is to get boys to embrace their feminine aspects.

    Thanks for reading!