Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shopping For Panties ...For Sissies - What is the Best Place for a Sissy to Shop for Panties?

It is good for sissies to talk to other sissies so I am often in the "Sissy Chat" room at If any of you sissies or women (or men too!) want to join in, be sure to say "Hi" to jackiesissy (that's me!).

Anyway, this budding sissy asked what might be a good next step for him in becoming feminized. The little sissy had recently moved into his own place and the only panties he had were ones he had "borrowed" (i.e. stolen). I suggested that he should go shopping for his own panties in public. That seemingly simple suggestion prompted a lot of discussion and gave me the idea to write this first of a "...for Sissies" series that I like to call "Shopping for Panties ...for Sissies". Part 1, "What is the best place for a sissy to shop for panties?"

Of course you could shop online and buy all the panties you want without having to go through the stress and exposure of shopping in a store. But the trouble is, you miss out on the thrill and exposure of shopping in a store! Shopping online accomplishes nothing, but shopping in a store is to publicly admit that you are a sissy. Plus, you get to see and feel (and maybe even try on!) all the pretty things before you buy.

The best place I have found for a sissy to shop for panties is the mall department store. My current favorite is JC Penney. I used to love Dillards but they are no longer open at my local mall. Department stores have a good selection as well as good prices. Lingerie stores like Victoria's Secret are nice but expensive, and the selection is more limited to the sexy panties for younger (and smaller) women. Discount stores like Wal-Mart are inexpensive but mostly lack quality and selection. And of course, there is the checkout problem.

At a discount store you have to take your selections to the front and stand in a long line of people with all kinds of things and buy a basket full of panties from a person used to ringing up a variety of items while people behind you observe everything that is scanned. But at a department store you can make your purchase right there in the lingerie section from a woman that sells panties all day and where the other customers are all buying lingerie. The lighting is softer and the people behind you in line are behind you, not beside you, giving a modicum of privacy. The department store purchasing experience is far more pleasant.

Another plus is the sales associates working in the lingerie section. I have found that without exception they really mean it when they ask, "May I help you?" If you are nervous or just want to look, the best response is a polite, "Not at the moment, I'm just browsing, thanks." You will see that she just accepts it as business as usual, which helps you to do the same. I'll talk more about interactions with the sales staff later.

So go to a mall or shopping center a little outside or your local area, enjoy walking around and shopping in various stores, and then go into the Penneys or Dillards or Macy's lingerie section, and enjoy shopping for panties!

Next issue: More on demeanor, interactions with staff, and how to relax and enjoy the experience in Part 2, "Act Natural, Everybody Knows the Panties are for You." Stay tuned!


  1. Shopping for panties will make a man feminized right? Well, should a man become feminized to show that being male is bad?

    1. I think that as a male becomes comfortable shopping for panties it is a sign that he is becoming more feminized but I am not sure if the actual shopping for panties is the cause of it. Many men could benefit from feminization but I don't think being male is bad in and of itself. It is just that so many bad things seem to have their roots in masculine power abuse.