Monday, February 25, 2013

The Feminization of Society Part 2 - How Feminization Creates a Better World

Like I said in the prior article of this series, the feminization of society has been in progress for a while now and in my opinion the rate of feminization is increasing. Why is this a good thing for society? And, if feminization is such a good thing, how can we accelerate it and put it to use for the benefit of society?

In truth, I doubt that I need to spend a lot of time going over the benefits of a feminized society in detail. For most who might read this, it is as simple as the fact that we consider women to be superior to men, sissy or otherwise. And if women are superior, then a feminized society is self-evidently superior to one where masculine traits rule. With that in mind, I just want to hit on a few main points.

The first is crime. Men commit far more crimes of all kinds than women do. The prison population of the United States is weighted toward men by a factor of nine to one! Obviously the more feminized a society becomes, the more beneficial the effect will be on the crime rate. Perhaps this can be seen in the fact that the rates for almost all types of crimes have been declining for the past few decades, the very time period that the feminization rate of society has been increasing.

Another is war. Violence and territoriality are quintessentially masculine traits. When these attributes are implemented on a societal level they naturally and often lead to conflict between societies. Nurturing, negotiation and cooperation are most often thought of as feminine attributes. On a societal level, these lead to conflict resolution, peace, and advancement for all sides in situations that might otherwise escalate into conflict. As the feminization of society penetrates the area of government, which I expect to happen as the higher education rate for women proceeds, I fully expect that incidents of conflicts between societies will decrease.

And lastly, the status of women. The impression that women are inferior to men is happily no longer overt in  advanced societies in general. But a residual undercurrent is still there. This can easily be seen in the different reactions to little girls that are "boyish" and little boys that are "girly." Boyish girls are called "tomboys" and the term carries no negative connotations. However, girly boys are called "sissies" and the term is almost always used in a derogatory way. This impression is inflicted on children and continues, at least at a subconscious level, into adulthood, where it might be manifested in any number of attitudes or actions. In a fully feminized society, this would not, and will not, be the case.

These are just a few of the benefits that feminization has for society in general. Next time I want to talk about how feminization of society might be accelerated and how feminization techniques can be used to make improvements in everybody's lives here and now.

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  1. I become more and more impressed with your writing and your logic dear. i am very interested to know when you first realized that you were a sissy.

    1. Thanks so much Georgiakevin! The truth is, I wore panties long before I realized that I was actually a sissy. Some of my earlier blog posts talk about my wife finding my panties and what happened after. I think it was only then that I knew I was a sissy, after she told me!

  2. The impression that women are inferior to men disappeared the first time I wore panties.

    1. Hehe... funny how that works, right? That's a good reason why males need to be feminized, so they can get over the impression that women are inferior, even if they don't know they think that, they probably do on some level.