Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Feminization of Society Part 3 - Explicit Feminization for the Benefit of Society

In the prior articles of this series I talked about my view that our society is becoming feminized, that the rate of feminization is increasing, and why this is a good thing. Now I want to float some ideas about how explicit feminization might be used to shape the society of the future.

What do I mean by "explicit feminization?" Well, until now the feminization of society has proceeded in an implicit fashion. It has been a natural, organic evolution as opposed to a purposeful, designed policy. For instance, women gaining the right to vote is not generally seen as a step in the feminization of society. Nevertheless, that is exactly what it is, an important and necessary step. The same can be said about women entering the workforce, gaining advanced educations, and assuming positions of authority in business and government. These milestones have advanced society and benefited its members. Upon this realization, it obviously follows that feminization should be official social policy. The word "explicit" means "fully and clearly expressed; leaving nothing implied." Feminization clearly expressed as social policy is what I mean by "explicit feminization."

How can explicit feminization be implemented as social policy? Let's start with the example of crime. As I mentioned, the prison population of the United States has nine men for every one woman. Clearly, criminals should be feminized in order to reduce recidivism. Feminization should not be viewed as punishment for crime, but as required therapy for criminals. A few ideas: Prisons could be redecorated using color schemes heavy on pinks and pastels. Prison garb could consist of pretty dresses and panties. A prisoner's diet could include testosterone-reducing and estrogen- and progesterone-boosting medications. Sentences could be reduced not for good behavior, but for feminine behavior. The possibilities are endless and new methods and ideas would be developed over time.

But for the greatest benefit to society, feminization should be the norm, not just an exception used in special cases. Based on the idea that femininity is superior and masculinity is dangerous, feminization should be interwoven throughout society. During childhood, babies might all be dressed in pink; it would be common for boys to wear dresses, nighties, and pretty panties; being called a sissy would carry no negative connotations but be a point of pride. In adolescence, girls might regularly dress up their boyfriends; boys would regularly dress up themselves, and not be shy about going to school or anywhere else in dresses; boys could be cheerleaders and wear short skirts just like the girls; football would fade into memory as a violet, masculine pastime; it would be common for couples attending proms and dances to wear matching gowns.

Continuing into adulthood, explicit feminization would leave no doubt that femininity is the ideal and masculinity is an almost primitive state. By extension, there would also be no doubt about who leads and shapes society: women. Males, via feminization, would simply be reflecting the feminine ideal. Women would control how much and when they wanted to feminize their men. At their discretion, they could even use estrogen boosters or testosterone blockers as they saw fit. As feminization spread worldwide, crime would plummet and war would fade into the past as would other masculine pursuits.

I have no illusions that feminization as explicit social policy will even come to pass in the near future, much less achieve the levels outlined here. But I do think it is the way of advanced societies as the future becomes the present. Next time, I want to talk about some of the obstacles to feminization as social policy and why I think these obstacles will be overcome.

Until then (and I will try to make it sooner this time), thanks again for reading! Get in contact through the comments, by email, at Experience Project, or in Club Sissy or Yahoo Messenger chat and let me know what you think. I always love hearing from my sissy friends.


  1. Hi Jackie - some interesting thoughts here and i would agree with a lot of what you say. You may be interested to know that there has been research undertaken into the effects of colour schemes on behaviour and some police forces have cells painted pink in which to lock their most troublesome detainees - it has a marked calming influence. Love reading your thoughts and suggestions.


  2. Thanks so much! I've heard that about the color pink. Maybe next they will start giving them dresses and panties to wear.

  3. Hi Jackie! GREAT Posting! I just wrote on my Blog on the EP Site my thoughts on male Violent Prisoners, and we seem to have similar outlooks. I Put in my posting how those Male Prisoners should be put on a diet to Bring them down to an Equivalent of a 6 Foot Tall Man weighinh about 135 that point, a Weak Male like that would not pose much of a threat! Also, as you, the uniforms should be skirted and Feminine. A World of Feminized Males will Create a much better Society! Keep up your Great work!


    1. I agree I think there is a prison where the inmates all wear pink.

      I also think all the weights and exercise equipment should be removed. Just what we all a muscular strong out on the street.
      they she have quiet activities.

  4. Yes, and it would surely curve the problems facing America and other countries, as far as falling into economic hardships. As us girls know its not cheap, to Neva girl. Might dig us all out of hardship. I say go for it, as well as emasculate men and let women rule

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