Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Feminization of Society Part 5 - What Is A Sissy To Do?

Feminine influence is increasing in all areas of society. Among the reasons for this are women increasingly becoming better educated than men and taking positions of authority in government and business, and traditional men being less equipped to excel in the modern world. We could soon see the onset of active feminization policies that will reshape society. How might the sissy fit into a feminized world? Is there anything the individual sissy can do to advance the coming matriarchy? These questions are what I want to talk about in this, the last entry in my series on the feminization of society.

As you might guess, sissies are perfectly suited for feminized society. We already regard women to be superior and are willing to submit to their authority in the household. We should be willing to do so in business as well. As society becomes feminized, powerful and influential women will see the value of submissive males as subordinates. Masculine, "alpha males" will be seen as disruptive and uncooperative liabilities. Males displaying feminine inclinations will be recognized as non-threatening and pliable assets.

Meanwhile, back at home, this generation of educated, powerful and ambitious women will learn to value a partner that assumes a role traditionally reserved for women, that of "housewife." After a time, she will likely come to demand it. In a society where active feminization is the norm, these women will bring it into the home and begin feminizing their partners to prepare them for the role of "housewife." Sissies are ready to assume this role with minimal friction.

As women become more powerful in their public and social lives, they will naturally extend displays of power and control into their private lives. A submissive and disciplined domestic partner may well become a status symbol and feminization is the perfect symbol of discipline. In addition, displays of control, such as enforced chastity and of power, such as regular pegging, seem destined to become much more common. Here again, we see that the sissy is ready-made to fit into the coming matriarchy.

How can sissies help to bring about the matriarchy? The best way I can think of is visibility. The more women are struck by the realization that a male is a sissy, like when she sees him buying panties that no man would buy for a woman, the more she feels her growing influence and power. When she tells her friends, "Guess what I saw today?" the feeling spreads. If one of those friends confides, "Well, my husband is in panties all the time, and he is totally devoted to me!" the more women think to themselves that it might be a good idea for their hubbies.

Sissies can create profiles on Victoria's Secret, Amazon or department store sites and write sissy-centric reviews of panties, bras, nighties, dresses, makeup... any traditionally feminine products. Other sissies can comment on the reviews or mark them as "helpful" to increase their visibility (my next blog post will show an example of this).

If possible, sissies can "come out" to their wives, girlfriends, or dates. The more adventurous among us can go out dressed up in our sissy best. Even wearing a bra under a t shirt can raise sissy visibility in a subtle way. The important thing is that every little bit helps. I would note here that some might object to sissies "imposing their fetish on unwilling bystanders." My answer to that is that you, as a sissy, have every right to be yourself, just like anybody else, as long as you are not unnecessarily blatant about it.

So, to finish up my series on the feminization of society I ask, do you have any other ideas about how sissies can help bring about the coming matriarchy? I would love to hear them! Let me know in the comments or through any of the several ways I can be contacted. And once again, thanks for reading and be happy sissies!


  1. Jackie - This is a great series of posts. I agree with your main points that this societal change is happening much faster than most people realize, and that the best way for we sissies to advance this trend is to start showing our sissyhood more publicly to the extent that we can. I have lots of posts on EP under the name jamieky2. Would love to hear your comments on them. jamie

  2. I found this post having great merit and I too think that sissies can have a role in the newer situation with females in leadership roles.