Saturday, June 29, 2013

Panties Reviewed on - The Sissy Perspective

You may know from prior posts that the Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau Brief is my favorite kind of panties. They are comfy and well-fitting and best of all, when you buy them at the store, there is no doubt that you are buying them for yourself. No man buys a woman panties like the Lace Nouveau brief.

Anyway, I posted a review of the Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau Brief at If you check it out you will see that the review was unabashedly from the sissy perspective. I mean, it's titled, "Great panties for the sissy!" after all. Here is the link to the Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau Brief product page:

Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau Brief

Currently, I see my review as the second one down the right-hand column. Here's a link to the review:

Jackie Sissy's Lace Nouveau review

In the review I bring up both sissies in panties, and women putting their men in panties. What do you think? Does that help raise the visibility of sissies and superior women? If you think so, be sure to click the "Yes" button for "Was this review helpful?" If enough people tag it as "helpful" it will move into an even more visible place on the product page.

Even better, after you click "Yes" on my review, post a review of your own for these panties, or another product (nightie, bra, etc.) from the sissy perspective. If you do, be sure to let me know and I'll rate your review!

Thanks for reading. Have fun, and always be Happy Sissies!

Jackie (the Happy Sissy!)


  1. i do not normally wear such a full pantie, but i will have to try a pair.

    1. Hi dp,
      I hope you like them as much as I do :)

      But really, my main purpose was not selling VF panties but showing how sissies can increase our visibility in a safe, but also very public way.

      Enjoy the panties though!

  2. These are the first panties I ever wore, as they are what my mother wore and I "borrowed" hers. I write about this on my sissy blog, Leeanne's Sissy Musings, and can be found at this link:

    Check it out. Needless to say Jackie, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I clicked yes on your review. Love it!!

    Kiss kiss,


    1. Thanks so much Leeanne! I am a fan of your blog, too. I'm happy to have a link to it in my "fave blogs" section. I encourage all sissies to read it regularly!

    2. that is a very good post, I hope all sissies read it...

  3. Hi Jackie, I agree with you all the way, these panties are all I wear and they feel so fantastic. I click on yes twice today.


    1. Thanks so much Kathi! One of the reasons that I think these panties are great for sissies is that when you buy them, the cashier knows they are for you. No man buys panties like that for a woman. She knows you are a sissy!