Friday, July 19, 2013

Feminization Technique ala Miss Barbara - How She Tamed Her Sissy's Naughty Habit

I was just reflecting on the wisdom of Miss Barbara and the effectiveness of one of her techniques from my early sissy training. The problem she faced was my inappropriate and irresponsible masturbation. Miss Barbara allowed me such things as wearing panties, wearing nighties to bed, and doing household chores dressed in a maid outfit when she was away from home. The trouble was, she continued to find inappropriate porn and worse, catch me by surprise in the act of masturbating to material that was not proper for a sissy. What was a beginning Mistress to do with her undisciplined fledgling sissy?

The answer she came up with, possibly with help from her mother, Miss Carolyn, was something I call "enforced proper masturbation." The problem as she identified it was this: Dressing up was sexually stimulating and I was tempted to masturbate as soon as I was left alone. Even worse, I would habitually use heterosexual man-on-woman pornography of a kind that is not appropriate for a sissy to be viewing. Her strategy for controlling the problem was to break the cycle.

I still remember the first time she used the technique. She had me sit on the couch and she told me that she was going shopping for a while. She told me to get dressed up because she had some chores for me. I was to have them done before she got home, and remain dressed until she approved my work. I was excited because I thought I would be masturbating soon. She seemed to read my mind and told me that she wanted me working, not "jacking off to some kind of porn." I told her that of course I was going to work and not jack off, but I knew it was a lie.

"I know," she said, "because you are going to do it now before I go." I was thrown off guard by that and asked what she meant. She said that to help me resist temptation I would masturbate, under supervision, before she left the house. "Right now, right in your panties." She had me take everything off except my panties and do it right there on the couch, while she was getting ready. She clinically observed as I finished, wetting my panties as she had said. "Good sissy. Now go get dressed so I can go."

All of a sudden I wasn't sure I wanted to dress up and clean house. But I knew I had to, otherwise she would think that the only reason I dressed up was for the sexual thrill. I shoved my leaky, wet little thing into my messy panties and went to the bedroom to get dressed. When I came back down the hall in my maid dress, complete with a full slip, girdle, tights and sensible shoes, I wasn't sexually excited. In fact, I felt embarrassed and emasculated.

Miss Barbara gave her approval of my outfit, the list of chores, and off she went shopping. I did the chores thoroughly and efficiently, was not tempted to masturbate, and felt more demaled than ever when she got home and had to approve my work before I could change back to male clothes.

In other words, her technique worked like a charm! Over the years she used this technique with many variations to gain control of my masturbation addiction and direct my energies into becoming a better sissy. It taught me that the purpose of dressing up was not for sexual excitement, but because I was a sissy! It also redirected my tastes in porn to areas more appropriate for the sissy.

I'm not sure if this is the first article in a series, or just a stand-alone. Either way, thanks for reading! And stay Happy Sissies!


  1. This is an excellent training technique.

  2. This is a very good way to keep a sissy from her chronic habit of touching herself. I have had the experience of having to do this in the presence of a former live in mistress and even a few times was made to do it in front of one or more of her girlfriends. For me there were a few emotions I experienced. sometimes I felt totally emasculated, others it was severe humiliation, and oddly enough when I was being called names and made fun off I found it to be quite exciting. In any event, it did curb my chronic masturbating habit and kept my mind focused on things I should have been doing t ultimately keep my mistress happy and satisfied.

    sissy melissa collins

  3. Thanks for the comments all! It is an excellent technique I am sure, and demaling in terms of removing control over a basic male behavior from the hands of a male that is misusing it. It certainly redirected this sissy's chronic habit into more appropriate and more useful directions.

    This is the story of the first time Miss Barbara used this technique. She used it many times over the years, and it is still in use, with many enhancements and variations for different purposes. Once she learned the basic technique, she really seemed to enjoy honing it.

    This is giving me an idea for another essay... hmmmm.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. My Mistress wife did same thing but with a slight twist.
    Sitting in panties bra and heels. She and her girl friend turned on the cd player and made me watch hard core gay sex. They laughed and maid me tell them how exciting it was.
    The real emasculation came from being so horned and the girls dressed so sexy that I had a cum from such a hard clot quickly that they labeled. Me a sissy fag and left laughing.