Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Man Doesn't Need a Bra? Think again!

Another little break from the "Caught Your Husband in Panties" series...

I think a lot of women could benefit from this site:

It describes itself as "the website that could revolutionize your relationship!" and I am pretty sure it could do just that for many couples. It is mainly focused on three areas: Brassiere discipline, male chastity and men as maids; all worthy subjects I think we can agree!

I especially like the section on "brassiere discipline." I had never thought about the bra as such a powerful symbol of femininity and how that can be used to influence the behavior of a man (and not in the more obvious way!) The site publicizes a very good book called Brassiered: A Complete Guide to Brassiere Discipline which tells the why and how of getting a man in a bra, and where to go from there. You can buy a copy of the book or read the entire book for free on the site. Why buy it if you can read it for free? Maybe as a gift? Like a "gag-gift-but-not-really" if you know what I mean.

Anyway, if you get a chance check it out. You'll be especially glad you did if you are a woman and you want to "help your man put a stop to bad habits, encourage him to become more attentive to your needs, and keep him safe from the temptations of adultery.."

Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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