Sunday, April 17, 2011

Caught Your Husband in Panties... Now What? (Part 6)

This is the sixth article of a series about what a woman might do if she finds out that her husband (or boyfriend) secretly wears womens clothes. Up to now, I have mostly addressed how she should react to and confront him with the discovery. Now I will get into how she might proceed going into the future of the relationship.

So, how do you respond if he promises never to do anything like whatever you caught him doing ever again? Since it is likely to be the first thing he tells you, say something non-committal like, "We'll come back to that." Then take control of the discussion and proceed as outlined in previous articles. That way you will accomplish some important things before you address the promise.

Among these are knowing about the extent of his habit and coming to a mutual "understanding" that he was expressing a feminine side. Once you have reached this "understanding" (the most important thing) and come to the end of discussing his past and present activities (in as much detail as possible), you can move on to the next step.

And now, at long last, we are coming to the end of this series. That is because the next steps are largely up to you (and by "you" I mean the woman that is in this situation). The only thing left is pass on a few points based on Miss Carolyn's beliefs.

It is important to understand that Miss Carolyn is a believer in the idea that feminization is beneficial at all levels from the personal to the societal. With that in mind, you can understand why she sees this sort of situation as a golden opportunity.

The first point is that you should definitely not take him up on any "never again" promise. He is highly unlikely to be able to keep it anyway. If and when he makes such a promise, say something like, "I know you believe that, but didn't you just say that you were expressing a feminine part of yourself? Is that just going to go away? I think that will always be a sissy."

The idea is that you should be the one in control and direct his feminization in ways that fit with your needs and desires. I touched on a few possibilities in a past article and hopefully you gave it some thought. If not, don't worry, you can get started now and develop ideas as you go along.

You could allow him to continue his sissy activities out of sight, but this is not recommended because you will lose both the control and the benefits of the situation. Also, it is divisive. Neither of you wants to feel that he is waiting to be left alone so that he can engage in some deep, dark activity. It may work for a while, but it will lead to the weakening and breakdown of the relationship. On the other hand, your control and direction of his feminization will ultimately be very satisfying, and even fun, for both of you.

A full discussion of feminization is beyond the scope of this series but I can pass along a few basics for getting started. First, get the sissy into panties. Panties of his own, that he purchases himself. The ideal is the "24/7" goal, meaning that he is always in panties and does not even own any "boy underwear".

Second, pick out a sissy name. Use a feminine version of his own name or another one entirely. You can ask him if he already has one and, if not, give him one. Develop his sissy persona using this name and always refer to this persona as "she" or "her".

It is also good to talk about your experiences with one or more of your close friends, or even your mother. Who knows? They might surprise you with similar stories of their own. You can tell your sissy about these discussions, but leave him in doubt about with whom they have taken place.

And finally, you can use the internet to research feminization, female superiority, etc. You can meet and get ideas from other women and sissies. Just remember, use it for reference but don't believe everything you see!
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So there you have it. The end of a series that turned out to be much longer than I imagined. I have enjoyed the writing and all of the discussion, public and private, that has resulted. Thanks so much to all of my readers!


  1. A great series, Jackie. It's an excellent point you make that sissy activities should not be out of sight. The wife should see her sissy in lingerie and a dress doing the household chores, even if it is just coming home at the end of the day to find the house clean and the sissy in silkies and housekeeping dress to see if the wife approves of the job. Whenever my wife thinks of me wearing lingerie and a dress, I want her to associate it with me cheerfully doing the traditionally feminine household chores and her having a far more leisurely and relaxed home environment.

    I don't know if my wife has ever discussed the fact with anyone else that I love to wear silkies and dresses and do housework for her. Since her brother has told her a couple of things about what goes on between him and his wife, she might have mentioned it to him but I doubt it since most would consider what I like to be far kinkier.

    I would love to read your story of from when your wife first found that you like to wear panties to where you are now like in your picture, wearing a housekeeping dress and cleaning the home. Especially interesting would be to read Miss Barbara and Miss Carolyn's account of what happened, what they thought, and the decisions they made.